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Moonscape, Original Displayed At Houston Holocaust Museum


The original drawing, Moonscape, from Yad Vashem's art collection, was exhibited at the Houston Holocaust Museum, last week. The drawing gained fame when Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon took a copy of it into space with. Ramon had requested a Holocaust-related item from Yad Vashem, because of the importance significance of the Holocaust to him, as a Jew and as an Israeli. Moonscape was drawn by 14 year-old by Petr Ginz, interned in Theresienstadt from 1942 to 1944. He was then sent to Auschwitz, where he was murdered. The drawing shows a view of Earth from the moon, as imagined by Ginz.

Terror Wave Hits Jerusalem

By VOA News &

Jerusalemites woke up to yet another Sunday morning mass terror attack, one that claimed seven lives and over 20 wounded. A Palestinian suicide murderer detonated himself aboard a public bus in northeastern Jerusalem shortly before 6 a.m., murdering the seven on the spot. Within half an hour, a second suicide bomber blew himself up at an IDF checkpoint, further to the north in the capital; no injuries were suffered in that attack.

Israel has closed its borders to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip following the suicide bombing. Israeli officials said Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his cabinet also decided that Israeli will no longer host any foreign diplomats who meet with Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat. But Sharon rejected calls to deport Arafat.

The decision is expected to affect thousands of Palestinian workers, whose livelihood depends on their ability to travel to Israel. The only exceptions are likely to be humanitarian cases, such as Palestinians seeking emergency medical treatment. Israel is also imposing an internal closure within the territories, banning Palestinians from traveling between cities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Sharon canceled his trip to the United States. He was to have met with President George Bush regarding the Road Map peace initiative. American sources expressed "understanding" for the postponement. Sharon and Defense Minister Mofaz held security consultations late this afternoon.

The first bombing took place near the French Hill junction aboard the #6 bus as it made its way to the center of Jerusalem from Pisgat Ze'ev. The murderous terrorist, who is assumed to have boarded the bus in Pisgat Ze'ev, was disguised as a religious Jew, wearing a yarmulke and ritual fringes.

The same ploy was used less than 12 hours earlier. Late Saturday, a Palestinian suicide bomber, who also dressed in the garb of a religious Jew, killed an Israeli couple in a Jewish enclave in the divided West Bank city of Hebron. Officials said the attacker came to the area disguised as a religious Jew, and panicked after being challenged by soldiers on patrol. The bomber then ran towards two Jewish settlers and set off a deadly explosion.

Seven of Sunday's wounded, three in serious condition, remained hospitalized by late afternoon. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack. Israeli police said a teenager from the West Bank city of Hebron carried out the Jerusalem attack.

Approximately 20 minutes later, a second Palestinian terrorist arrived at the A-Ram Junction, north of N'vei Yaakov. He refused to adhere to two warnings by Border Guard personnel, and as the guards prepared to respond to the man's suspicious behavior, he detonated the explosives he was carrying on his body. Aside from his death, no one was injured. Police say that the two bombings were originally planned as one joint attack, but they have embargoed additional details on the ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, the government of newly elected Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas condemned the bombing and urged Sharon to show restraint. The Jerusalem bombing attack came hours after the Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers met for talks on the so-called "road map" for Middle East peace. It was the first Israeli - Palestinian summit in three years.

Sabbath Closure Saves Jews in Moroccan Attack


A kosher hotel restaurant, popular with Israelis, was one of the targets in the string of suicide attacks in Casablanca, Morocco. Due to the Sabbath, however, no customers were present at the time of the bombing.

"The restaurant is usually full of visiting Israelis until late hours of the night but closes its doors each week in honor of the Jewish day of rest," explained a Jewish woman who lives 100 feet from the restaurant. "It was simply a miracle," she told Itim News Agency.

Israel's Minister of Absorption Tzipi Livni issued a statement to the Jews of Morocco inviting them to immigrate to Israel, pledging special assistance from the Jewish Agency.

About two thousand Jews still live in Morocco, 80 percent of whom reside in Casablanca. Ben Shitrit, Chairman of the World Federation of Moroccan Jewry, issued a call in an interview with Ynet saying, "The time has come for the last remaining Jews of Morocco to pack up their belongings and join the 700,000 Moroccan Jews who have immigrated to Israel and have been successfully absorbed by their people here."

'Arrest Abu Mazen For Holocaust Denial'

By Maariv

Knesset member Aryeh Aldar (National Unity) filed a complaint with the Jerusalem police against Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Mazen, demanding that Abu Mazen be arrested and investigated. The basis of the complaint is Abu Mazen's being a "Holocaust denier."

The complaint quotes a portion of Abu Mazen's book on "the secret relationship between the Nazis and the Zionist movement," which is studied in the high schools of the Palestinian Authority in the context of a course on Zionism.

In the book Abu Mazen writes that no one can prove the claim that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust. "The interest of the Zionist movement is to inflate the number of deaths in the Holocaust in order to gain things as a result."

Abu Mazen also wrote that "Only 890,000 Jews were killed because there were no gas chambers and the structures in the camps served only to dispose of the corpses for fear that they would spread disease."

Knesset member Aldar says in his complaint that there are Holocaust deniers throughout the world. They are repellent as a matter of public policy, and Abu Mazen should be viewed the same way. According to Aldar Holocaust denial is a crime that carries a sentence of up to three years imprisonment and therefore if Abu Mazen enters Israel he should be arrested. "

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