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Suicide Bomber was British Citizen
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The man who carried out the suicide bombing early Wednesday morning at a Tel Aviv beachfront pub was a British citizen, as was an additional terrorist who managed to flee when his explosive device did not detonate. The British man who managed to escape was Omar Khan Shariff. The suicide bomber was identified as Hanif Mohammed. Three people were killed and 60 wounded, one critically and five seriously, when a suicide bomber blew himself up at around 1 a.m. at "Mike's Pub," a beachfront pub adjacent to the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv

U.S. Delivers 'Roadmap' for Mideast Peace

By Sonja Pace (VOA-Jerusalem), & Ha'aretz

The United States has urged Israelis and Palestinians to end the violence and return to the "path of peace," after Washington released the so-called "roadmap" for Middle East peace. The plan was delivered earlier Wednesday to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and new Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.

In Washington, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said President Bush remains committed to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and that Bush welcomes any contributions the two sides have to the document.

The three-phase plan calls for an end to terror and violence, followed by a six-month long transition phase that will begin after Palestinian elections and culminate with Israeli-Palestinian negotiations aimed at a permanent status agreement for a two-state solution in 2005.

The Palestinians have repeatedly called for the immediate implementation of the roadmap, but while Israel said it agrees in principle, it has expressed reservations about certain provisions in the document. Militant Palestinian group Hamas quickly rejected the plan, saying it comes at the expense of the Palestinian people.

The release of the long-awaited peace plan comes hours after a suicide bomber killed himself and three Israelis outside a crowded Tel Aviv nightspot. Israeli police said the bomber carried a British passport, as did an accomplice, who authorities say fled the scene. Dozens were injured in the attack, for which militant groups Hamas and al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades have claimed joint responsibility.

Yesha (Judea, Samaria, & Gaza) Council officials called on the government to reject the 'Road Map' plan. Yesha officials pointed out that the plan is more dangerous that the Oslo Agreement, warning the council will do everything necessary to prevent the deployment of international observers in Yesha communities.

Israel expressed its protest at the fact that representatives of the UN, EU and Russia made a formal trip to Yasir Arafat to present the plan - despite the fact that Israel has declared him "irrelevant," and the U.S., too, has said that it would not deal with leaders who are corrupted by terrorism.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that World Jewish Congress President Edgar M. Bronfman and 13 other major Jewish philanthropists, including Cincinnati attorney Stan Chesley, in an apparent split with dominant North American Jewish organizations, have signed a letter to congressional leaders voicing strong support for the plan to resuscitate Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

The letter described the plan as "providing Israel with a distinct opportunity to escape the bloody status quo of the last two and a half years," the Post said.

The entire "Roadmap" plan can be found at

Polish, Israeli Presidents Commemorate Uprising in Warsaw Ghetto

By Stefan Bos (VOA-Budapest)

The presidents of Israel and Poland have marked the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising in ceremonies in the Polish capital. The two men also led thousands of people in a commemorative walk at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.

Israeli President Moshe Katzav and Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski participated in ceremonies to remember the few hundred young Jews who began an uprising against the Nazis on April 19, 1943. Armed with only homemade explosives and other simple weapons, their fighting lasted three weeks.

The two presidents also led the silent three-kilometer "March of the Living" from the Auschwitz barracks to the remains of the Birkenau crematoria, where the Nazis exterminated more than one million Jews. Birkenau housed three gas chambers and crematoria, which the Nazis kept going 24 hours a day as a death factory, until they blew them up ahead of the arrival of advancing Soviet troops.

The route to the site is retraced every year by youngsters and elderly survivors from around the world to remember all six million Jews killed in the Holocaust, including three million from Poland, which had Europe's largest Jewish community. The Nazis also killed millions of people from other groups, including communists, homosexuals, and Roma, also known as gypsies.

Since the collapse of Communism, Poland and other former Soviet satellite states have increasingly tried to end decades of denial and to cope with their controversial past. Polish President Kwasniewski said he agrees with his Israeli counterpart that the Holocaust must never be forgotten.

The participants in the March of the Living will be permitted to return home after striking Ben Gurion airport officials agreed to permit them to land. Since Wednesday morning, all incoming and outgoing flights have been halted as a result of the strike.

The visitors to Poland are now scheduled to return home early Thursday. President Katsav, who led the delegation, is scheduled to land in Tel Aviv early Friday morning

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