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Never-Before Published Photos of Warsaw Ghetto


Yom HaShoah in Israel begins the evening of April 28 and continues throughout the day of April 29th. The central theme of Yom HaShoah 2003 is "Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust - 60 Years Since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising." In keeping with this theme, now features new Warsaw Ghetto photos representing four periods in the history of the Warsaw ghetto from four different photographers' perspectives. In addition to the photos, there is an overview on photography in the Warsaw Ghetto and detailed background information about each collection.

Palestinian Leaders Agree On New Government

By Sonja Pace (VOA-Jerusalem) & Ha'aretz

The State Department has welcomed a deal that will allow formation of a new Palestinian government. Spokesman Richard Boucher said the U.S. would reveal details of a so-called roadmap for Middle East peace once the Palestinian parliament approves the list of new cabinet members, which could come in a few days.

The Bush Administration has tied release of the peace plan to the installation of a new Palestinian government with a strong prime minister. The roadmap, which was prepared jointly by the United States, Russia, the United Nations and the European Union, envisions a Palestinian state and final peace deal with Israel by 2005.

Boucher made his comments soon after Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat and his prime minister-designate, Mahmoud Abbas, who is also known as Abu Mazen, resolved a bitter dispute over who would serve as Palestinian security chief. The deadlock ended when the Palestinian leader agreed to accept Mohammed Dahlan in the post. Dahlan is considered one of the few Palestinians capable of cracking down on Palestinian militants who oppose any peace deal with Israel. Abbas will also serve as interior minister.

Egyptian intelligence minister Omar Suleiman traveled to the West Bank city of Ramallah Wednesday and led the parties through last-minute negotiations that resulted in the deal. The two sides had been facing a midnight deadline for Abbas to submit a list proposed cabinet members. Abbas is seen as a supporter of a peaceful settlement to the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He has criticized the current armed uprising against Israel, calling for more peaceful means of protest.

Dahlan, the proposed security chief, is considered one of the few Palestinians capable of cracking down on Palestinian militants who oppose any peace deal with Israel. The Palestinian militant group Hamas has warned the new government not to try to weaken or disarm Palestinian fighters.

Senior Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantissi warned the new Palestinian cabinet under Abu Mazen not to declare war on his organization, Israel Radio reported. Rantissi said that Hamas would support the new government if it fights the Zionist occupation, but if the government thinks of declaring war on the Jihad warriors, Hamas will fight it.

Rantissi added that this was not an appropriate time to establish a new government. He said efforts to liberate Palestinian lands should continue, despite the international pressure placed on Arafat.

Knesset member Ahmed Tibi, a former Arafat advisor, responded to the Palestinian developments in an interview with Army Radio. "If anyone things - or thought over the past several weeks - that Yasir Arafat ... will disappear or does not exist, they are wrong. They are wrong because they are not correctly reading the Palestinian map."

In return for agreeing to the deal, Arafat reportedly received guarantees for his personal safety, as well as assurances that his isolation will end. For more than a year, the Palestinian leader has been confined to his bombed-out and mostly demolished compound in Ramallah, often surrounded by Israeli troops and tanks.

The full list of cabinet members is to be released later, but some names are already leaking; such as Nabil Shaath, who apparently will serve as foreign minister.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, reacting to the news of agreement on a new Palestinian cabinet, said that his government would do everything in its power to reach a diplomatic settlement with the Palestinians that will lead to a peace deal, Israel Radio reported.

"There have been many stories and headlines as of late about pressure exerted on Israel that never was, demands made of Israel that never were and depictions of how much Israel was dependent upon elections among the Palestinians," Sharon said Wednesday during Mimouna festivities in Sderot.

"I want to stress that Israel wants peace, the citizens of Israel want peace, Jews want peace. The government, under my leadership, will make every effort to reach a diplomatic settlement that, with God's help, will lead to peace. Of course it is very important that on the other side is someone who desires an end to terror and the achievement of peace."

Hate Ads Featured on PLO TV

By Palestinian Media Watch

While United States and other "Quartet" officials are demanding that Israel make "confidence-building" concessions to Yasir Arafat, the media in the PLO-controlled areas continue unabated to indoctrinate Arab children to hate and kill Israelis. One of the potent means used by the PLO is the repeated broadcasting on Palestinian TV of music videos depicting Israelis as murderers, especially of children and the elderly.

Palestinian Media Watch reported on one such PLO Music Video, which has been broadcast regularly since January 2003. It includes these scenes, all with Arab actors: A laughing young girl on a swing fades away into a burning swing. As Arab youth play soccer, one boy kicks the ball, and it explodes by a bomb hidden [by Israel] inside. The implication is that Israelis attack children at play; a father reads to his young son a section from the Koran calling to fight the enemies. A father hands his son a stone to throw at Israelis; Actors depict Israeli soldiers murdering an elderly man by shooting him in the head; and a mother and her infant are blown up by Israel. This PLO video can be seen at

Another PLO music video, broadcast regularly for two years (and in recent days more frequently) teaches Arab children that throwing stones at Israeli civilians and military is a legitimate means of expression and an accepted and encouraged way to settle the conflict with Israel.

With the opening lyrics of "Beware Oh, Zion," one scene depicts young boys throwing stones at a glass window with Jewish symbols: the word Israel in Hebrew, a Star of David, an Israeli flag and an Israeli soldier. When the symbols are smashed, all the flames on a menorah [a Jewish traditional candelabra] are extinguished.

The message to Arab children is clear: their stones have the power to destroy Jewish symbols and extinguish Jewish tradition and the Jewish State. In case any youth didn't get the message, the closing lyrics spell it out: "The stone is my revenge, my answer." This video can be seen at

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