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Israel Develops Airport Shoe Scanner\
Israel Faxx News Services

An Israeli company has developed a "shoe scanner" to spare travelers the inconvenience of having their shoes removed and checked for explosives at airports. The "Safeshoe" can detect explosives and metal that could be used as a hijacking weapon. The product is due to be marketed by early 2003 at $10,000 a unit. Shoe searches became common after an Islamic terrorist was arrested a year ago for allegedly attempting to detonate explosives in his shoes while on a flight from Paris to Miami. "This means an end to the humiliation of standing around barefoot while some stranger goes through your shoes," said Avi Kostalitz of Ido Security.

Israel Nabs Three Palestinians in Sharon Attack Plot

By VOA News

Israel said it has arrested three Palestinians living in east Jerusalem on charges of planning to shoot down Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's helicopter.

Prosecutors said the three were members of the radical Palestinian movement Islamic Jihad who also were in possession of an 88-pound bomb intended for use in an attack on a crowded bus stop on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Officials said the three men were taken into custody late last month, but that details of the arrest were kept secret until Sunday.

In a separate case, an Israeli court has handed down sentences of life in prison to three members of a Palestinian cell who were found guilty of carrying out a series of attacks earlier this year in which 35 Israelis were killed. A fourth man was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

Elsewhere, Palestinian security officials in Gaza say two Palestinian girls were seriously injured Sunday when Israeli tanks and bulldozers moved into the town of Rafah to destroy houses close to a Jewish settlement. Israeli officials did not immediately comment on the report.

Meanwhile, Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat has accused fugitive terror leader Osama bin Laden of exploiting the Palestinian cause to further his own interests. In an interview with Britain's Sunday Times newspaper, Arafat said the al-Qaeda leader has never helped the Palestinian struggle and should not hide behind the Palestinian cause.

Also on Sunday, Sharon's cabinet again voted to deny Arafat permission to travel from Ramallah to Bethlehem to attend Christmas worship services at the Church of the Nativity. An Israeli official cited security reasons for the decision.

Israel blames Arafat for failing to prevent Palestinians from carrying out suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks. It is understood that Israel is concerned that allowing Arafat to attend Midnight Mass at the Church of the Nativity would give the Palestinian leader a high profile public platform to criticize the Jewish State.

Arafat was also prevented from visiting the town during Christmas last year. One year ago the Israeli Cabinet cut off all contacts with the Palestinian leader and said it would only negotiate with other Palestinian officials. Since then, Arafat has rarely traveled outside his headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Even though he is a Muslim, he had regularly attended Christmas services in Bethlehem since the town was transferred to Palestinian self-rule in 1995. The Palestinian leadership immediately denounced the latest Israeli ban. Nabil Abu Rudeinah, an Arafat spokesman, said the decision is a breach of undertakings given to the U.S. administration and Christian leaders to allow the Palestinian leader access to Bethlehem.

Prime Minister Sharon said that, although Arafat was barred from visiting the town, Israel remains committed to fostering religious freedom in Bethlehem. He said there would be no restrictions on Christmas church services being held in the town south of Jerusalem which Christians believe is the birthplace of Jesus.

PA Libel: Judaism Sees Arabs as Stage Between Jew and Monkey

By Palestinian Media Watch

A basic tenet of Palestinian Authority anti-Semitism and racism is to define both Jews and the Jewish religion as evil by nature. In the following text, a Palestinian Minister first libels the Jewish people by asserting that murder of Arabs is a tenet of Zionism. He then denigrates Judaism by saying that the Zionist killing of Arabs comes directly from the Jewish religion, because Judaism sees the Arab as subhuman - "the stage between the Jew and the monkey".

Palestinian Authority Minister of Supplies Abd El-Aziz Shahin, in a Dec. 12 PA TV interview, said, "Since the 19th century the Zionist mind has been built upon the killing of the Arab people. They do not want a single Arab on Palestinian soil. This is a matter that exists with every Zionist, whether he is right-wing, center, or left-wing...because the Zionist education... in their religious schools, where they learn that they are the chosen people of God and we are the others, we are considered the stage between the Jew and the monkey. This is a basis of the Jewish religion, and from this comes the killing of the Arab people in Palestine."

Commentary: Protests Successful Over Novel Glorifying Suicide Bombers

By Dovid Ben Chaim & Israel Faxx News Sources

On Dec. 9, Israel Faxx reported the following: A newly released best-selling novel for teens, Rever la Palestine (Dream of Palestine), sympathetically portrays a young Palestinian who becomes a suicide bomber. The 15-year-old Egyptian author, Randa Ghazi, who lives with her family in Italy, writes about Palestinian teenagers who fight "bloodthirsty Jews, who assassinate children and old people, profane mosques, and rape Arab women."

Dream of Palestine is being touted as "surprisingly mature" and "a great text of suffering and hope." One of the novel's heroes calls for Jihad against the Jews who are "a doomed people" and to "kill all Israelis." The main character is encouraged "to kill hundreds in his suicide bombing" and later does blow himself up along with five Israelis.

Ben Chaim in a recent e-mail commentary entitled "The Jew-hater: A Jew's Best Friend," said "... We can safely assume that at least two years elapsed from concept to publication of her 207-page novel this spring. Which means sweet Randa Ghazy, who has never been to "Palestine," was dreaming up her opus at around the age of 12, while the Oslo process was still going strong and peace was at hand. What a marvelous imagination this youngster possesses. A regular prophetic visionary, too. As her Italian publisher, Rizzoli, put it, "She's a really clever girl."

"For some reason, the book flopped when it came out in Italy, selling a mere 13,000 copies. But (has) been at the top of the charts in France ever since its publication there. My guess is the French instinctively feel closer to the book's sophisticated theme than the Italians do. In any event, while "Dream of Palestine" was collecting dust in Rome no one seemed to care. But its French popularity has now raised the ire of Jewish organizations from the Simon Wiesenthal Center to the French Council of Jewish Institutions to the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism. With one voice, they're condemning the book, threatening lawsuits, calling for its removal from French bookstores, and of course, French

"I hope the French courts, the Italian publisher and the Parisian booksellers all tell our Jewish do-gooders to get lost. I hope the book is translated into a dozen languages (including Hebrew), becomes a Book-of-the-Month Club selection, gets plugged on Oprah, outsells Catcher In The Rye on college campuses, and gets made into a Hollywood blockbuster. I want cute, shy Randa Ghazy popping up on Leno, Letterman, Regis, Good Morning America and Wake Up Tel Aviv, her hands in her lap and her legs dangling sweetly from a chair. Nothing would serve the cause of Jewish well being better. I can't wait for her sequel. I'll write an endorsement for the book jacket -- free.

"Who in their right mind thinks you can make cancer go away by covering it with a Band-Aid and getting it out of sight? Driving anti-Semitism underground, into the sewers, is the environment where it breeds best. If you want to suffocate it, I say give it light and air to breathe. Make Dream of Palestine, Mein Kampf, the Protocols, the PLO Charter, Jenin, and Jenin, required reading and viewing for every Jewish kid, taught alongside their haftorahs. Every tract that comes along to deny the Holocaust deserves a full-page ad in the Book Review section of the Sunday Times -- paid for by the Anti-Defamation League and the Orthodox Union. Enshrine each and every one in the Holocaust memorials and museums around the world, alongside the gold teeth and life-sized boxcars. Just don't teach them as history, teach them as current events.

"Waving a magic wand, or a lawsuit, and trying to make evil disappear is much more dangerous than the evil itself, because it gives Jews a false sense of security we just can't afford. When I look back a few thousand years, I think I have every right to be anxious, and angry, and I don't want anyone, least of all well-meaning Jews, taking that away from me. Anything that keeps me on edge and on my toes is providing me with a great service. The minute I let my guard down and allow myself to believe that truth, justice, reason, goodwill or French law will save me, is the minute my goose is cooked. Bless you, Simon Wiesenthal. But the oldest Nazi is 95, the newest one is 15.

"No, let all the poisons seep out of their bottles and let all the snakes come out from under their rocks. Yes, give me a thousand "Dreams of Palestine" and 2,000 Merkava tanks, 100 PLO Charters and one strong Israel from the river to the sea. Suppressing Jew-hatred is not the way to eliminate it. Making it a fruitless, self-destructive enterprise is.

"Randa Ghazy, I want to give you a hug."

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