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>Israel Faxx
>JN June 29, 1998, Vol 6, No. 112

215 kph is New Record for Speeding in Israel

By IsraelWire

Police have apprehended a motorist on the Jerusalem-Tel-Aviv Highway after he was monitored driving 215 kph (133 mph). The permitted speed limit is 100 kph (62 mph). According to police, the driver has set a new speeding record for the country.

Gaza Resident May Have Conspired to Kill Janet Reno

By IsraelWire

According to the FBI, an Arab resident of Gaza, who has been living in the United States, may have conspired to assassinate Attorney General Janet Reno and assisted in the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, in 1993, in which six persons were killed.

Hany Mahmoud Kiareldeen, a manager of an electronics store in Passaic, NJ, who has lived in the United States for eight years. According to the FBI, one week before the attack on the World Trade Center, Hany met with Nidal Ayyad relating to the World Trade Center attack. At this time FBI officials point out that Hany did make, what is being called, a "credible threat" but is not being charged with any crime.

The suspect's brother Hassan told investigators that the charges stem from false allegations made by his ex-wife. US Immigration Officials have also stepped into the picture. It appears that Hany has overstayed his visa.

Woman Who Threatened to Circumcise Husband Sentenced

By IsraelWire

A 42-year-old Nesher resident was sentenced to a six-month suspended sentence for threatening to circumcise her husband with a kitchen knife.

The indictment stated on Jan. 26, 1997, the woman attacked her husband with a stick. Following the attack, she waved a kitchen knife and threatened to "circumcise" him. The court learned there is a criminal file for domestic abuse on the husband as well.

IDF Has a Shortage of Technicians

By IsraelWire

The IDF reports it has gone past the "red line" and is experiencing a critical shortage of personnel to carry out technical positions. The IDF is in need of more electricians and mechanics.

One of the problems stems from the fact that more students attending technical schools are looking for computer careers, and not careers in electrical and mechanical fields, as was the case in the past.

Kashrut in the IDF

By IsraelWire

Last week, a group of reserve soldiers serving in the IDF Chief Rabbinate, ate at a base located in the Central Command. The soldiers, who normally work to deal with the removal and preparation for burial of dead bodies, were temporarily assigned to deal with kosher supervision duties.

The soldiers entered the mess hall, and ate using disposable utensils and dishes, and brought their own IDF-issued mehadrin (strictly kosher) rations. This alerted one of the Orthodox soldiers eating from the base kitchen, who told the reserve soldiers that he assumed the base conformed to standards of kosher, as required by both Jewish and IDF law.

In addition, last Thursday, the Chief Rabbi of the Central Command ate in a base, and he too, brought his own utensils and disposable dishes. In response, the IDF spokesman stated the standards of kosher in the IDF as mehadrin min hamehardin (the highest attainable) and in the cases cited, the soldiers and officer used disposable goods to prevent the base from keeping separate dishes for the glatt kosher food they were eating, as opposed to the regular kosher used in the kitchen. The spokesman added that any soldier wishing glatt kosher may obtain it providing the kitchen is given advanced notice.

Daughter Barred from Home

By IsraelWire

The Beersheva Family Court has issued a restraining order against a girl, whose age was not given, for physically attacking her parents.

The parents gave testimony to the court that their daughter physically hit them, pulled her aged father's beard, and incurred many debts that the parents were forced to cover.

The court decided to respect the wishes of the parents and issued an order barring the girl from returning home for six months.

Estranged Husband Rapes Wife rape

By IsraelWire

According to an indictment handed down in the Tel-Aviv District Court, an estranged husband coerced his wife to come to his apartment at knifepoint, where she was tied and physically and sexually assaulted for two days.

The husband, who was also accused of sodomizing his wife, denied the allegations and stated the violence was a part of the couple's sexual intercourse.

Miriam Lapid to Wed

By IsraelWire

Miriam Lapid, 49, whose husband and son were killed in an Arab terror attack, will marry former Moledet Party member Shaul Gutman, 51, in Jerusalem in August.

About one-month after the 1993 attack, in which Mordechai and Shalom Lapid were killed, Gutman left Moledet and together with Lapid formed the "Yemin Yisrael" (Israel Right) Party, but failed to obtain enough votes to enter into the Knesset.

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