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>Israel Faxx
>JN June 19, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 107

Syria Buys Russian Missiles

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Jane's Defense Weekly reports Russia newspapers as saying the nation has sold more than 1,000 Kornet laser-guided anti-tank missiles to Syria and renewed negotiations for the sale of S-300PMU1 surface-to-air missile systems.

Swiss Nat'l Bank: Nazi Gold Aided WW2 Defense

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Switzerland's central bank, criticized for buying Nazi gold during World War 2, defended the policy Thursday as having preserved stability in the small neutral country while war raged around it.

The Swiss National Bank acknowledged its wartime governors deserved some of the criticism leveled in a report last month by international historians, who said the bank knew gold it was buying from Hitler's Germany might have been looted.

But the SNB again ruled out joining negotiations among Jewish groups, Holocaust victims and Swiss banks on settling Holocaust-era claims and vowed to fight any attempt to put the central bank in the dock in U.S. courts over the issue.

Netanyahu Unveils Jerusalem Development Plan

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Thursday a program to strengthen Israel's hold on Jerusalem, including plans to tighten ties between the city and nearby West Bank Jewish settlements.

The draft plan envisages widening Jerusalem's boundaries to include land west of the city, in Israel proper, and creating an "umbrella municipality" with administrative powers over nearby towns in Israel and some West Bank settlements. It also calls for accelerated construction of roads linking West Bank Jewish settlements with the city.

Nazi Criminal Extradited

By Arutz-7 News Service

Argentina has extradited a major Nazi war criminal to Croatia. Dinko Sakitch, commander of the Yasnovatch concentration camp -- known as "the Auschwitz of the Balkans" -- arrived in Croatia Wednesday. Jewish organizations said that in this camp and in another headed by Sakitch, 600,000 Jews, gypsies and Serbs were killed.

Seismological Expert: There Was no Israeli Nuclear Testing

By IsraelWire

According to Dr Avi Shapira, the head of the seismological division of the Israel Geophysical Society, it is not possible that Israel conducted nuclear tests in the area of Eilat on May 28th, as alleged by Knesset member Abd el-Wahab Darawshe.

Shapira told radio listeners that in an area as compact as Israel, any nuclear testing, no matter how small a device, would have been apparent in the seismological readings in the area for the day in question.

Shapira refuted the report presented by Darawshe in his query to government, quoting an Egyptian expert who reported that an Israeli test did take place. Deputy Defense Minister Silvan Shalom, in his response to Darawshe denied the allegations that a nuclear test took place and he added the accusations were not based on any factual data. He added that Israel has never conducted a nuclear test in the past.

Knesset Rejects Proposed Changes to Hatikvah

By IsraelWire

The Knesset has rejected a proposal to make changes in the national anthem and the flag, to better suit the Arab population. The changes were proposed by Taleb Alsana of the United Arab List.

Alsana said Israel's Arab citizens have significant difficulty in feeling that the flag or the national anthem represent them. He said that portions of the national anthem, "Hatikvah," speak of a Jewish soul and a yearning to return to the homeland after 2,000 years. These concepts do not strike a chord with Arab citizens, he explained.

Alsana called for a national anthem and flag that would be decided upon by both Arabs and Jews, which would be acceptable to all citizens of the country.

Avi Kadosh Remarries 5-Years after Wife Killed by Terrorists

By IsraelWire

Five years after Janet Kadosh was shot and killed by Arab terrorists in Jerusalem, her widower has married his daughter's childhood friend.

Janet Kadosh, 39 when she died, was kidnapped by terrorists in northern Jerusalem on July 1, 1993. The terrorists failed to complete their planned attack on the Number 25 bus, stopped her car, and forced her to take them from the area.

A shootout took place in southern Jerusalem near the Bethlehem intersection, leaving her dead.

About one-year ago, Avi Kadosh met his oldest daughter's friend, Chen, who was an IDF soldier. They became involved romantically and Wednesday, with his four children and 600 guests in attendance, they were married.

Dolphin Washes Ashore

By IsraelWire

For the second time in a month, a dead dolphin was found washed ashore in Israel. The dolphin was discovered on Magen-Michael beach. It measured 10-feet, 5-inches in length. Oceanic experts stated is was the type of dolphin that lives in deep water. They added that they found traces of fisherman's netting on the dead mammal.

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