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>Israel Faxx
>JN June 18, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 106

Wiesenthal Says Swiss Nazi Report Biased

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal dismissed as biased a report bearing his name which condemns neutral Switzerland as a land of Nazi sympathizers during World War 2. Wiesenthal said the report by U.S. historian Alan Schom, which was produced by the Los Angeles-based Wiesenthal Center, painted an unbalanced picture of wartime Switzerland.

Israeli Sold Poison Gas Material to Iran

Israel Faxx Staff Report

An Israeli court convicted an Israeli businessman Wednesday of aiding an enemy state by selling poison gas material and chemical weapons equipment to Iran. Nahum Manbar, who was arrested during a visit to Israel in March 1997, called his conviction "scandalous." The Tel Aviv District court put off sentencing to a later date.

Manbar faces a maximum term of life imprisonment. Prosecutors had charged that the businessman, who has lived in France since 1985, had from 1990 to 1995 supplied Iran with material to produce mustard and nerve gas and equipment to build munitions factories for chemical warheads.

Two Boys Held for "Prank" Killing of Arab

By Arutz-7 News Service

Two boys from the youth village in Beit Haggai have been arrested in connection with the death of an Arab from Hebron. Apparently as a prank, the boys held a long stick outside the car in which they were riding, thus causing the death of the Arab.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yesha Council chairman Aharon Domb and others condemned the act and said that the law must be implemented to its full extent to punish the guilty parties.

South Har Hebron Regional Council head Ephraim Hibsh said that the youth village in Beit Haggai has had much success in educating and providing a home for youth with psychological and other problems.

Jewish Women Joined in Marriage in USA

By IsraelWire

Sue Levi Elwell and Nurit Shein were joined together as a couple in Philadelphia on Sunday. Elwell is a rabbi and member of the Reform Movement and her partner, Shein, is a retired IDF officer. They were wed in a ceremony attended by about 100 persons, including many other Reform rabbis.

The lesbian couple understands that the marriage is not accepted by officials in Israel, but are hopeful this will change in the future, as officials in Israel continue to work to find an acceptable solution to the problems stemming from the Office of the Chief Rabbinate not recognizing the validity of Reform and Conservative conversions to Judaism and marriages.

Although the wedding was attended by Reform rabbis, there is no official policy endorsing the union of two persons of the same sex.

The ceremony was attended by members of the families of both women, including Shein's father, who came from Israel.

The New License Plates

By IsraelWire

The Knesset Finance Committee agreed to accept the proposal of the Ministry of Transportation, to begin using new license plates for motor vehicles that display an Israeli flag.

Knesset member And el-Malek Dahamsha, of the United Arab List, objected to the new license plates and the committee agreed to hold a re-vote next week.

The current version displays an Israeli flag on the left side of the license plate with the large English initials "IL". In about 6-months, a newer version will be manufactured without the initials.

According to Transportation Minister Shaul Yahalom, the flag on the license plates is another element that will make it increasingly difficult to manufacture fraudulent license plates.

The new license plates will only be mandatory for new cars sold in Israel after next month. The majority of the cars, with the license plates without the flags, will not be required to change over.

Transportation officials already have warned that when motorists come for inspections, the persons in charge will probably try, one way or another, to persuade them that they need new plates. The reason, the retailers of the license plates have about 500,000 blanks in stock with the English "IL" on them. They will probably try to use them up before the new plates are introduced in about 6-months.

(This will be difficult. Only about 12,000 new cars are sold monthly, so they will look for alternative methods to push them onto the consumer.)

Nevertheless, if forced to replace "bad" license plates to pass an annual inspection, one may insist on purchasing the old plates without a flag on it, and the inspection station will have to comply according to the Ministry of Transportation. If they claim to only have the flag model in stock, ministry officials say if it is worth your while to stand on principle, it is their problem to come up with a solution.

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