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>Israel Faxx
>JN June 17, 1998, Vol. 6. No. 105

World Cup Up, Viagra Demand Down

By IsraelWire

Demand for the Viagra anti-impotency drug is dropping in Israel as World Cup action heats up, an Israeli doctor said. "The number of men asking me for a prescription has fallen by 40 percent since the World Cup started," said Dr Alexander Oshanyesky, who heads a clinic treating vascular problems.

Netanyahu Says He Won't Shoot Himself for Peace

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday Israel would not stick a gun to its own head by rushing to seal an elusive deal to cede more West Bank land to the Palestinians. Netanyahu was responding to media reports that his defense minister, Yitzhak Mordechai, was prodding him to accept a U.S. initiative to snap a 15-month-old impasse in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking.

Washington is pushing for a three-stage Israeli handover of another 13% of the West Bank linked to concrete Palestinian steps against Islamic militant attacks in Israel.

Was There a Nuclear Test Near Eilat?

By IsraelWire

Knesset member Abd el-Wahab Darawsha asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if Israel has carried out nuclear testing in the Gulf of Eilat.

Darawsha based his query on a report submitted by an Egyptian nuclear expert, Dr. Tariq el-Nimar, who indicated Israeli nuclear testing in the Gulf has taken place, and he indicated the last test was on May 28, which caused an earthquake in the area.

Darawsha called Netanyahu to respond, and he also wants to know if Israel is going to sign the treaty against nuclear proliferation.

Russian Nuclear Technology in Iran a Real Threat

By IsraelWire

In a conference sponsored by the Jaffe Center for Strategic Study in conjunction with Harvard University, American and Russian experts stated that the likelihood of technology dealing with weapons of mass destruction being "leaked" from Russia to Iran is very high.
Russian researcher Vladimir Orlov confirmed that recently, Iran made at least five attempts to acquire the necessary technology from Russia.

An American expert, Steven Miller, stated there are many deficiencies in the manner in which the technology is being guarded by the Russian government. This was acknowledged as well by Orlov.

High Court; "Parking Summonses Void After 3-Years"

By IsraelWire

In a landmark decision Tuesday, the High Court of Justice ruled that parking summonses are only valid for three years. The petition to the High Court came from a Kfar Saba resident, who owes the Tel-Aviv municipality NIS 30,000 ($8,220) for 154 summonses he accumulated.

The court concurred with the resident that parking summonses fall under the legal category of misdemeanors, which become null and void after three years, and not a more serious category of misdemeanors as maintained by the Tel-Aviv municipality, making them valid for 10 years.

What's for Breakfast in the IDF?

By IsraelWire

The IDF announced it will no longer be serving scrambled and sunny-side up eggs in the mess halls around the country.

In an attempt to avoid salmonella and other illnesses, the new instructions for kitchen staff in the military is to serve hard boiled eggs only, that must be boiled for a minimum of 8 minutes. An omelet is permitted as well, but it must be well-done on both sides.

The IDF Medical Corps also issued an order that all eggs that remain in the pantries are to be thrown away after one week. This, in an attempt to avoid illnesses associated with eggs.

The new orders did not seem to address the fact that many IDF mess halls lack proper ventilation, air conditioning or other basics, that ensure proper temperatures are maintained to avoid food spoilage and subsequent illness after being ingested.

In addition, many kitchens do not have continuous running hot water, or other necessary measures to maintain the proper sanitary standards, reducing the effectiveness of efforts to clean utensils properly after use, thereby contributing significantly to the level of bacteria and possible illness from using the same utensils.

Statistics By Arutz-7 News Service

75% of the 24,000 agricultural workers in Israel are from Thailand. National kilometrage traveled by motor vehicles in 1997 rose by 6% to approximately 33.6 billion kilometers. The annual average amount of kilometers traveled by a private car in 1997 was 16,900 kilometers (10,478 miles) 28% of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange's market value were either directly or indirectly also traded on the capital markets in America at the end of March 1998. At the end of December 1996, this figure stood at 25%.

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