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Each newsletter is shown as a page by itself, or you can click through to individual articles within each newsletter by clicking on the headlines. newsletter: 8fax0501.txt
Britain Releases Names on Holocaust-era Accounts
Gore to Israel: Move Forward for Peace
US Jews Urged to Help Genetic Testing newsletter: 8fax0504.txt
London Talks are Under Way
Palestinians Threaten Regional Response
Arabs: Last Chance to Salvage Peace Process newsletter: 8fax0505.txt
Swiss Bank Settles with Holocaust Survivor
Israel Squeezes Pushers of U.S. Potency Pill
Meetings Under Way in London
Israeli Artists Plan Protest
Police Investigate Rabin Posters
Israeli Humor newsletter: 8fax0506.txt
Sweden Unites with U.S, UK on Holocaust campaign
US Gives Israel a Monday Ultimatum?
Achille Lauro Terror Leader Free in Gaza newsletter: 8fax0507.txt
Israel's Vanunu to Appeal Parole Decision
Gingrich: Clinton Administration "Pro-Arafat"
Palestinians Pessimistic
Landau Calls for Defense Cooperation newsletter: 8fax0508.txt
Iraq Says it Rejected Nuclear Bomb Offer in 1990
Mrs. Clinton Expresses Support for Palestinian State
West Bank Homes on Sale on Paris' Left Bank newsletter: 8fax0511.txt
Middle East Summit Called Off
Hillary's Palestine: Blunder or Test-Balloon? newsletter: 8fax0512.txt
A Criticism of Netanyahu
Palestinians Mourn 1948 'Catastrophe'
Bank's Gold from Nazi Victims' Teeth
Arabs Attack Two Jewish Girls in Hebron
Settler Arrested for 'Naked' Rabin Pictures newsletter: 8fax0513.txt
Chabad Rabbi Killed in Accident in Russia
Hamas Founder: Military Operations to Continue
Israel Names First Arab Judge to Supreme Court
Netanyahu Off to Washington
Israel Recognizes Pollard as Agent
Israeli Arab spied for Iraq
Israeli Transsexual Dana International Wins Eurovision newsletter: 8fax0514.txt
Syrian Scuds Target Israel
Albright, Netanyahu Meet in Washington
Arabs Mark "The Catastrophe"
Jewish Serial Stabber Suspected in Arab Death
Israeli, Palestinian Historians Seek Common Ground newsletter: 8fax0515.txt
Netanyahu Tells Albright, There's No Hurry
Palestinians Battle IDF, 8 Dead newsletter: 8fax0520.txt
Arafat Accuses Netanyahu of Prolonging Crisis
Swiss Blast N.J.'s Move for Holocaust Sanctions
Report: Israel Tortures 850 Palestinians Annually
Has Dam Threat Expired?
Technion Mini-Satellite to be Launched
Forged Death Certificate to Get Out of Reserve Duty
Chief of Staff Upholds Sabbath newsletter: 8fax0521.txt
58-Year-Old Israeli Woman Pregnant
IDF Denies Bodies in Patton Tank in Russia
El Al Security Procedures May Lead to Lawsuit
Lufthansa Anti-Semitic Incident Investigated
Kol Yisrael Internet Broadcasts Canceled newsletter: 8fax0522.txt
Arafat Hints Oslo is Temporary
Shamir Speaks About Netanyahu
Anti-Missionary Bill Moving Forward
Arad Parents Strike School System
Prosecution Appeals Sentence of Rabbi's Son
The Ultimate "Chutzpa" in Business Cards
Beersheva Man Torches Himself newsletter: 8fax0526.txt
Netanyahu Leaves for China; Arafat for Saudi Arabia
Take Me Out to the Ballgame newsletter: 8fax0527.txt
Netanyahu in China
Hamas, Marxist Group Forming Anti-Israel Alliance
Saudi Newspaper: Arafat Vows State and War Against Israel
Gingrich Scheduled to Meet Arafat
Historians: Swiss Banks Bought Holocaust Victims' Gold newsletter: 8fax0529.txt
Israel Won't Discuss Military Sales to China
Media-Savvy Fascists Return to Europe
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