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>Israel Faxx
>JN May 22, Vol. 6. No. 95

Arafat Hints Oslo is Temporary

By Arutz-7 News Service

In a May 10th Al-Quds newspaper interview, Yasir Arafat once again explained to the Arab readership that his agreement to the Oslo accords is to be compared to the pact which Muhammad made with the Arabian tribe of Koreish. Muhammad, who signed the 10-year peace treaty, overcame the Koreish tribe once he had amassed enough strength.

Shamir Speaks About Netanyahu

By IINS News Service

"Bibi?" Shamir said in his exhausted Old World accent. "He is not a very trustworthy man."

"There was a long pause at the other end of the line, as if Shamir felt he had said quite enough to cover the subject. In his view, after all, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concedes too much to the Arabs and has diluted the Likud Party.

"He's too egotistical. I personally have no contact with him," Shamir went on. "He's a man who is not very popular. He's a talented, successful man. He made it at a young age. He had many advantages. But people don't like him. I wouldn't say he is admired. I don't believe he believes in anything. He has a huge ego. People don't like such people. I don't like him."

Former Prime Minister Yitzchak Shamir denied the remarks attributed to him in the New Yorker. "It appears that someone is lying here."

Anti-Missionary Bill Moving Forward

By IINS News Service

The anti-missionary bill passed a preliminary reading in the Knesset yesterday. The bill, introduced by Shas Party MK Rafael Pinchasi, calls for a NIS 50,000 fine and a 3-year prison term for anyone who is found guilty of trying to convert anyone's religion. The bill relates to all religions. The bill was supported by the prime minister and the government.

Likud coalition whip MK Meir Sheetrit stated that he will bury the bill in committee and it will never become law. According to Sheetrit, the bill was too similar to a previously submitted bill by MK Modi Zandberg of Tzomet, and therefore, he would not let the Shas bill become law.

Arad Parents Strike School System

By IINS News Service

Following a Finance Ministry announcement of cuts to the education budgets of development towns, the parents of Arad kept their children home from school Thursday.

Louis Castel, the head the Parents-Teachers Association expressed his support for Mayor Betzalel Tabib, who called for the shutdown of the educational institutions, in protest of the budgetary cuts.

It was announced that the strike is open-ended but high school students studying for their matriculation exams will not be affected.

Prosecution Appeals Sentence of Rabbi's Son

By IINS News Service

The State has filed an appeal in the case of the son of an Admor (A Chassidic Rebbe-Rabbi), whose son was found guilty of sexually assaulting his niece for a period of nine years. The defendant was sentenced to 12-years in jail.

The deputy state prosecutor for special cases is calling upon the High Court of Justice to sentence the defendant to 20-years and order him to pay monetary compensatory damages to his niece.

The prosecution pointed out that although the punishment handed down by the Tel-Aviv District Court was not light, it was less than satisfactory, considering the severity of the crimes committed.

The Ultimate "Chutzpa" in Business Cards

By IINS News Service

The Israeli police chief has uncovered what is believed to be the ultimate in chutzpa regarding business cards. Police found that an Arab man, a resident of Samaria, has printed business cards with his name and phone number, listing his profession as "car thief." The cards were distributed to garages throughout Israel, to enable owners to order parts when necessary. If the parts were not in stock, the appropriate car would be stolen to accommodate a specific order.

Beersheva Man Torches Himself

By IINS News Service

A 53-year-old Beersheva man, who had an argument with his wife Tuesday, set himself on fire. Police received a call that a woman was beaten by her husband. The couple was called in for questioning, and later released on their on recognizance, but an order was issued barring the husband from returning home for five days.

The woman was sent to Soroka Hospital, for medical care for her unspecified injuries. Meanwhile, the husband went to visit his daughter at work and told her he was going to do something drastic. The husband then returned home, poured gasoline on himself and lit a match. Neighbors called the Fire Department but attempts to save his life failed.

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