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>Israel Faxx
>JN May 21, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 94

58-Year-Old Israeli Woman Pregnant

By IINS News Service

Sima Hermann, 58, is in her fifth month of pregnancy and according to medical authorities, she will become the oldest woman to have given birth in Israel.

She was fertilized with frozen sperm from her late husband, who died three years ago, and the egg was purchased for NIS 8,000 from an anonymous donor. Hermann stated she had tried to become pregnant for close to 40-years.

"I want to tell all women not to give up hope," Hermann said. She explained that her husband Nissan died in 1995, after being together for 37-years. She said that after his death, she wanted to try again to bring a child into the world.

IDF Denies Bodies in Patton Tank in Russia

By IINS News Service

An Israeli Patton tank, captured in the 1973 Yom Kippur War by the Syrians, has been sitting in a Russian Military Museum located 48 miles west of Moscow, for 20 years. The M-48 tank was reconditioned, and painted green by the Russian officials.

Russian TV Channel 4 reported the tank was transferred to Russia on the very day it was captured in the Golan Heights. The report stated the Russian officials found four bodies in the tank, presumably the crew. The TV report added, that the bodies were laid to rest in Russia, not far from the location of the museum.

The Russian Defense Ministry duty officer issued a statement responding to the television report, indicating that the report was erroneous. "The story of the tank having had bodies in it is just a legend," added the Defense Ministry official. To further complicate the story, the museum officials insist the tank only arrived in 1978.

IDF officials reject all claims that there were bodies in the tank, as well as the date of the tank's arrival. IDF sources speculate that the tank was sent after the battle of Sultan Yaakoub, which took place June 11, 1982. IDF investigations into the entire episode have learned that the alleged bodies in the tank could not have been those of the three missing soldiers from that battle of Sultan Yaakoub.

El Al Security Procedures May Lead to Lawsuit

By IINS News Service

Tsui Yuan Tseng, a nutritionist at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, has petitioned the US Supreme Court to hear her case against El Al Israel Airline, in a case that took place five-years ago as she attempted to board a flight to Tel-Aviv.

Tseng claims that she has suffered substantial emotional trauma, as a result of the security search that she was subjected to by airline security officials. She is suing for $5 million in damages for the incident. According to the suit, she was illegally assaulted and she was imprisoned, causing her physical and psychological injuries.

The Supreme Court must decide if Tseng will be permitted to file a suit against the airline. An earlier lower court decision ruled to permit the suit under New York State law, which El Al maintains is contrary to the Warsaw Convention, which deals with matters such as these regarding international air travel.

According to El Al officials, Tseng was a "high risk" passenger, in accordance with the security profile make-up and she was taken to a private room, asked to strip, and subjected to a total body check by a female security agent.

According to the petition, Tseng suffered psychological trauma as a result and was required to seek out professional assistance due to the traumatic incident.

Lufthansa Anti-Semitic Incident Investigated

By IINS News Service

An Israeli businessman from the Tel-Aviv area was shocked when an official of the German Lufthansa Airline called him a "dirty Jew," while on board a flight from Berlin to Tel-Aviv, on May 15.

According to the letter of complaint, filed with Lufthansa in Israel, the passenger is a regular client of the airline, who conducts business in Germany. According to the complaint the man, who was seated in business class, was told to move to tourist class, despite having a ticket for business class. An argument ensued at which point he was told that he is a "dirty Jew" and if he did not like it, he was welcome to use another airline.

The representative of the airline in Israel stated that upon receiving the letter here, it was the first he had heard of the incident. He added, that if the events did indeed occur as reported, the matter would be dealt with in the strictest possible fashion.

Kol Yisrael Internet Broadcasts Canceled

By IINS News Service

The 24-hour Internet transmissions of Israel's Kol Yisrael Radio have been taken off the air. The service, offered for $7.95 per month fee, was canceled without any explanation from the site host, Artificia or Kol Yisrael Radio. The site was located at

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