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>Israel Faxx
>JN April 23, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 76

Polish PM Issues Auschwitz March Appeal

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek urged Poles Wednesday to show respect when his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu leads young Jews in a march at the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau today. Some Catholics and rightists in the region near the World War 2 camp are angry at Jewish calls for a large cross next to Auschwitz to be moved from the site where German invaders murdered up to 1.5 million people, the vast majority Jews.

Some groups may try to hold prayers or even protests in defense of the cross on the day Netanyahu attends a "March of the Living" of about 7,000 Jewish youth and 1,000 survivors of the Holocaust at the complex, now a museum in south Poland.

Health Minister Matza at Theriesinstadt

By IINS News Service

Health Minister Yehoshua Matza said Wednesday at the Holocaust memorial ceremony at the Theriesinstadt Concentration Camp Memorial in the Czech Republic: "No other nation in the world marks, within the same week, Holocaust Day, Memorial Day for Fallen IDF Soldiers and Independence Day, which together symbolize more than anything else, the history of the Jewish people."

In the presence of hundreds of Jews from the Czech Republic and other countries, the minister said, "Holocaust, memorial and independence are the words that mark the turning points for the State of Israel, now celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The message I bring today to the Six Million who died, is that such a Holocaust will never be repeated, for one reason: the Jews today have an independent state, sovereign and with a strong army. I am sure that if there had been an independent Jewish state at the time of the Holocaust, history would have been different."

MIAs Identified After 50-Years

By IINS News Service

Brig-Gen (res) Yehuda Duvdevani may finally rest, after his 50-year search for the remains of his father, killed in the War of Independence, came to an end. The bodies of Captain Moshe Duvdevani and Pvt. Aaron Tikotzky, who died on May 25, 1948, were finally identified. The two died leading an attack on Latrun during the 1948 war.

According to the IDF Missing Soldiers Unit, the records and data surrounding the case do match up and indicate that the identified bodies are indeed, the two persons who were buried anonymously.

The news was given to Duvdevani on the very day he was to lead a group of almost 10,000 on a tour of the Latrun area and explain to them the battle that took place on that location.

Moshe Duvdevani, a fighter in the Haganah, led the group of Holocaust survivors into battle. The "soldiers" had arrived about one-week earlier and they immediately became members of the 7th Brigade. The second MIA, Aaron Tikotzky, was a member of the Alexandroni Brigade.

What may have contributed to the mix-up was the fact that the two bodies were found by Israeli forces several days after they were killed. The bodies were taken and buried as anonymous soldiers, in the Nachlat Yitzchak Cemetery, Tel-Aviv area.

Defense Minister Yitzchak Modechai has already approved a request to exhume the bodies for the purpose of a DNA exam, to eliminate any doubts as to the identities of the two. Yehuda Duvdevani has also requested that the Defense Ministry permit his father to be laid to rest in Jerusalem's Mount Herzl Military Cemetery.

Reserve Brig. Gen. Yehuda Duvdevani is himself a war hero, who was wounded in battle several times during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He is a recipient of the IDF Medal of Valor.

Israel to Build Aqaba Airport Passenger Terminal

By IINS News Service

The Jordan Times reports Israel will build a new terminal for passengers bound for Eilat at Jordan's Aqaba International Airport, currently used by both states, as stipulated under the 1994 peace treaty.

The new terminal, to be built on the Israeli side of the border, will be financed by Israel to facilitate extra traffic at the Aqaba Airport. The new plan envisages using the Aqaba runway for all incoming flights, the terminal currently in use on the Jordanian side of the border for passengers bound for the kingdom, and the new terminal for passengers going to Israel.

Israeli Embassy spokesperson Roy Gilad said Israel expects 500,000 passengers annually to pass through the new terminal, which is expected to be finished in one year.

Defense Ministry Opens World Wide Web Site

By IINS News Service

The Defense Ministry announced the opening of its new internet website at: The site is intended for use by the public and will contain information on the structure and activities of the Defense Ministry, including rehabilitation and memorials, museums, a catalog of ministry publications, information for discharged soldiers and more.

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