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>Israel Faxx
>JN March 30, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 58

Sharon Threat Rouses Jordanian Ire

By Arutz-7 News Service

The Jordanian weekly magazine "Shikhan" published a front-page picture today of Minister Ariel Sharon in a Nazi uniform. Calling him "the Israeli Hitler," Shikhan criticized Sharon for threatening that Israel would continue to pursue Hamas terrorist leader Khaled Mash'al until "his liquidation."

Police Prepared for Land Day

By IINS News Service

Police announced preparations for Monday's Arab Land Day have been completed. In accordance with policy decisions, the Israel Police have decided to allow demonstrations and processions to be held that have received the required legal authorization. The police will avoid unnecessary friction, but will prevent any disturbances and traffic disruptions. Police commanders expect Arab leaders to maintain order and restraint and not allow unorganized groups to disrupt the orderly conduct of events.

Iranian Missile Threat Confirmed

By IINS News Service

The Washington Times reports the Pentagon has publicly identified Iran's two medium-range missiles for the first time and provided details on an older Chinese nuclear-tipped missile.

Iran's Shahab-3 missile will have a range of about 800 miles and a second version, the Shahab-4, will be able to hit targets 1,240 miles away. US intelligence officials said the missiles could be deployed within two years and that both Russia and China provided materials and technology for them.

Rabbinate Orders Wife to Jail for Alimony Demands

By IINS News Service

A Petach Tikvah Rabbinical Court sentenced a woman to jail for two weeks for requesting alimony in her divorce proceedings. The woman, feeling she was alone and having no alternative, contacted the Na'amat woman's organization for assistance.

According to Na'amat Chairwoman Ofra Friedman, who filed a petition for the woman's release, the 62-year-old woman's only crime was to demand what she thought was a fair divorce settlement. She was then sentenced to jail by the Rabbinical Court.

The unemployed woman left her home after she was assaulted by her husband. The divorce hearing took place on Wednesday. The woman requested to wait for her attorney to permit her to review issues pertaining to a divorce settlement, but the court decided not to permit the delay.

According to the information supplied by Na'amat, the court tried to coerce the woman to accept a divorce without any alimony settlement. When the woman refused, she was told she was "harassing the court" and sentenced to jail. She was immediately taken to a woman's prison by a policeman. Na'amat officials stated their outrage over the situation in which the number of cases of domestic violence continues to rise, but here, an elderly woman who is also ill, is sent off to prison by a Rabbinical Court for asking for a fair settlement from her abusive husband.

Buildings in Jerusalem Must Have a Succah Balcony

By IINS News Service

The Jerusalem Building Committee has conceded to requests from members of the Chareidi (ultra-Orthodox) Degel Hatorah Party to require all new residential buildings in the capital to be constructed with marpesot (balconies) that are suitable for the construction of a Succah, in observance of the Succot Holiday.

That will entail that the balcony be open to the sky and not blocked by other balconies or building protrusions from above. Ori Ben-Asher, the city's Chief Architect, stated that he will inform all those planning new structures in the capital of the new ruling.

Oldest Synagogue Uncovered

By Arutz-7 News Service

In the Hasmonean site near Jericho, the oldest synagogue ever discovered in Israel is being uncovered. The synagogue, over 2000 years old, was originally discovered 25 years ago, but intense archaeological excavations have begun only recently. Prof. Ehud Netzer, head of the excavation team, conjectures that the synagogue was built during the reign of Queen Shlomtzion and was destroyed in an earthquake in the year 30 BCE.

Aliyah at Last

By Arutz-7 News Service

Bel Goldstein, who was born on December 7, 1895 in New York, will be the oldest new immigrant to ever arrive in Israel from the United States when she arrives Monday. She will be accompanied by her daughter, Leona Mildred, 73, who has lived in Israel since 1989. Goldstein has been very active in the Mizrachi Women's Organization, and participated in almost all of the Zionist Congresses, beginning with the one held in Geneva in 1939.

Danny Tal, the Jewish Agency aliyah representative in New York who arranged Mrs. Goldstein's aliyah, said that she is alert and in good health. She will live in Kfar Gideon, near Afula, with relatives. Two 111-year-old-women, Tzipora Mataiba and Rachel Shimshiashvilli, both from the former USSR, set the record for oldest immigrants to Israel when they arrived in 1996.

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