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>Israel Faxx
>JN March 27, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 57

U.S., Swiss Seek to Defuse Holocaust Row

The United States and Switzerland sought Thursday to head off

potential boycotts of Swiss banks over Holocaust-era claims, declaring such sanctions would be counterproductive. As U.S. local government officials met in New York to weigh a boycott call, the two governments issued a rare joint statement seeking to defuse the emotional transatlantic row. In New York, a leading Jewish official held out hope the dispute could still be settled amicably and U.S. Sen. Alfonse D'Amato proposed putting off any decision on boycotts until April 23.

Scholarly Russian Immigrants Doing Well

By IINS News Service

A new survey reports that "academic" immigrants from the former Soviet Union are doing well in their new home. The average person is earning a higher wage than their native-born Israeli counterpart.

The study, conducted by Professors Tzvi Eckstein and Yoram Weiss, of Tel-Aviv University, indicates that the 42 percent of the new immigrants in the category of "scholar" successfully integrated into Israeli workforce after being in Israel for five years.

The Peace Process as Envisioned by Leah Rabin

By IINS News Service

Israel must make concessions to reach peace in the Middle East, says the widow of Yitzchak Rabin. "It's like a train stuck in the middle of the tracks...and we ask ourselves why it is not moving."

Since the assassination of her husband in 1995, Israelis and Arabs have made no progress in resolving the disposition of several disputed territories Israel liberated in 1967, including Judea and Samaria, she said. "The land was not meant for Israel to own," Rabin said, "and we must give part of the land as a compromise.''

How Much Will Matzo Cost Israelis?

By IINS News Service

The matzo sold this year has increased in price about 8 percent from last year. David Wolf, the head of the Aviv Matzo Company stated he does not expect to see a large difference in prices between the various manufacturers of matzo. It is expected that about 8,500 tons of matzo will be baked for the upcoming Passover holiday by the nation's manufacturers. The following prices are the suggested prices for Aviv matzos, in the SuperSol supermarket chain. Light matzo (400 gram, about 14 oz.) NIS 13.90 ($3.89); Shmura or organic matzo (400 gram) NIS 19.95 ($5.59).

Digital Cellular Phones and Pacemakers

By IINS News Service

Heart patients, who have implanted cardiac pacemakers, may have cause for concern. According to a new study conducted in conjunction with the Sheba Medical Center of Tel-Aviv University, the use of cellular phones that take advantage of digital technology, may interfere with cardiac pacemakers.

The study indicates that for persons with pacemakers, the analog technology cellular phones are considerably safer. According to the study appearing in the Israel Medical Association Journal, the use of all cellular phones poses a danger to persons relying on cardiac pacemakers.

In more than 400 persons tested, the researchers concluded that those persons in the problematic group should hold the phone at least 8 inches from themselves, when in use.

The spokeswoman for the Cellcom Company, the cellular phone service provider that uses digital technology exclusively, stated that there is no conclusive proof to back the study to date. After the data submitted to them is reviewed and studied, only then will they be able to issue an educated response to the study's findings.

For Clean Arteries, Drink Orange Juice

By IINS News Service

According to a study headed by Professor Elliot Berry, conducted by the Department of Human Nutrition and Metabolism at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem (Ein Kerem), drinking three glasses of freshly-squeezed orange juice a day may prevent atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis, a disease that effects many persons, is the accumulation of plaque on the inside walls of one's arteries, eventually leading to coronary complications and/or disease, CVA (stroke) or other related illnesses.

The students of the Gush Etzion Hesder Yeshiva participated in the 3-month study, which used healthy males between the ages of 18 to 23-years-old.

What this study shows is a direct effect on the levels of LDL (the bad cholesterol) in the body and vitamin C. The test was based on fresh orange juice that was ingested within 30-minutes of having been squeezed.

Building in Jerusalem, You Must Add a Succah Balcony

By IINS News Service

The Jerusalem Building Committee has conceded to requests from members of the Chareidi (ultra-Orthodox) Degel Hatorah Party to require all new residential buildings in the capital to be constructed with marpesot (balconies) that are suitable for the construction of a Succah, in observance of the Succot Holiday.

That will entail that the balcony be open to the sky and not blocked by other balconies or building protrusions from above. Ori Ben-Asher, the city's Chief Architect, stated that he will inform all those planning new structures in the capital of the new ruling.

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