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>Israel Faxx
>JN March 25, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 55

Israel Tells U.N. of Upcoming Lebanon Withdrawal

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan his government will soon formally agree to withdraw from southern Lebanon, and Annan responded by calling for talks to coordinate the withdrawal.

Netanyahu said he expects his Cabinet to be the first Israeli government to endorse UN Resolution 425, within a week or so. After that, it wants to coordinate a withdrawal with the Lebanese government.

Annan called the announcement, a step in the right direction. Israel is eager to end the steady stream of casualties among its forces in southern Lebanon, if it is assured the Lebanese government will prevent cross-border attacks by the Hizbullah terrorists.

Jerusalem to Expand West

By Arutz-7 News Service

Shmuel Shkedi, deputy mayor of Jerusalem, announced a new Jerusalem initiative to expand its municipal borders towards the west. "This move will strengthen Jerusalem, which is the heart of the country," he said, "and bring to a situation where 1,000,000 Jews live in the metropolis of the capital."

Palestinian Hatred Perpetuated

By Arutz-7 News Service

The Shalom Ledorot (Peace for Generations) movement has released a video cassette containing samples of hate and incitement promulgated by the Palestinian Authority. The video shows scenes from children's programming shown on Palestinian Television, in one of which a little girl cries out, "I will become a suicide fighter when I walk the streets of Jerusalem, wearing the uniform of a fighter, and we will march as fighters of jihad (holy war)."

Another boy is filmed saying, "Sing, my sister, of my life as a fighter, who wants to die for the sake of his holy homeland... My desire is to go out to a jihad."

A woman next appears on the show, saying, "Oh, those who perform acts of glory, and those who do shihada [kill themselves in terrorist attacks], we bless you with the best blessing, for you are on the highest level, together with the prophets and the righteous. Do we say good-bye to you? No, we say, 'We will see you soon in Paradise, the meeting-place for the loved and loyal ones.'"

Iraq Arrests Father of Its Germ War Effort

By IINS News Service

The New York Times reports the Iraqi government has arrested the scientist regarded as the father of Iraq's non-conventional weaponry program, Nassir Hindawi, who was trying to flee the country.

The arrest is regarded as a major setback for the United Nations weapons inspection teams, who are still trying to determine the magnitude of Iraq's germ warfare weapons program.

"He would have been a gold mine of information," said Jonathan Tucker, a former UN inspector and arms control official, who is now a germ weapons expert at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, in California.

Nizar Hamdoon, Iraq's representative at the United Nations, reported that Iraqi officials have in their possession evidence that indicates the scientist was about to flee the country illegally.

Hindawi was also the director of the al-Hakam weapons complex from 1989-91. It is believed that literally tons of anthrax were manufactured at that location and then transferred to another site and loaded into missile warheads.

Britain on Alert Against Anthrax Smugglers

By IINS News Service

British security officials are on alert, particularly at the nation's airports and seaports, for Iraqi smugglers who may be attempting to bring in the deadly anthrax bacteria, which may be used in biological warfare. British officials have increased security in and around the airports and are working to bar any such smugglers from entering into the country.

"We can confirm that an all-ports warning has been circulated," a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Tony Blair said. According to intelligence reports, the deadly substance will be carried in bottles, disguised as whiskey or other items that would generally not raise suspicion.

In Israel, One Pays for Fame

By IINS News Service

The 100 children who participated in the auditions for the job as the "poster kids" for advertisements for the 50th Anniversary celebrations, were required to pay the modeling agency NIS 700 each for the opportunity. In addition, the 50th Committee paid the firm $1,500 for the three children who were chosen. Yitzchak Kadmon, chairman of the National Committee for the Welfare of Children, called the move "outrageous."

"Government agencies are working to prevent modeling agencies from using young children, a trend looked down upon in Israel, and the 50th Committee then goes ahead and does that very same thing the government is working to eliminate."

Meretz Knesset member Anat Maor stated that children should have been chosen without the committee submitting to the demands of a modeling agency, which is just interested in turning a profit at the expense of the parents of the children. Doron Shmueli, chairman of the Jubilee Committee, stated that the committee did indeed pay the $1,500 to the agency but was in no way connected to the request for the NIS 700 fee from each of the candidates.

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