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>Israel Faxx
>JN March 13, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 48

Dog Belonging to Victim of Helicopter Crash Stolen

By IINS News Service

The dog belonging to Sgt Aviv Gonen, killed in a Feb. 4, 1997 mid-air helicopter crash, was stolen from the family's Kfar Sirkin home. Gonen received the dog, a white husky called "Bon," from his parents as a birthday gift, two years before he was killed. The family has called upon the thief to return the dog who has become a constant reminder of their son to them.

Israel to Build Memorial, Hotel at Entebbe

By IINS News Service

Plans are underway to set up a memorial and a $10 million hotel at Uganda's international airport in memory of the 1976 raid, in which Israeli commandos rescued 100 Jews held hostage by Arab terrorists.

According to the government-owned newspaper New Visa, the five-star hotel will be constructed at Entebbe airport, 21 miles southeast of Kampala, following a proposal supported by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose brother Jonathan died while commanding the 90-minute operation.

Israel troops landed at Entebbe airport July 3, 1976, and freed 100 Jews who had been among the 250 passengers on an Air France flight from Tel-Aviv to Paris. The rescue took place during the regime of former dictator Idi Amin, who had expelled Israelis from the East African country and became a staunch ally of the Arab states. He welcomed the hijackers and his troops surrounded the airport.

During "Operation Thunderbolt," 20 Ugandan soldiers and seven hijackers perished. The commandos destroyed all the Ugandan planes on the tarmac, including Soviet-made MiG fighters. An Israeli woman, Dora Bloch, who had been sent to a government hospital due to abdominal complications, was murdered soon after by Amin's security personnel.

The New Vision quoted one of the surviving Israel commandos who toured the airport, Sgt. Sorin Hershku, as saying that the site of the raid, if turned into a tourist attraction, would be visited annually by more than 200,000 Jews.

Son of Chassidic Rabbi Convicted of Rape and Molestation

By IINS News Service

The son of an unidentified Chassidic rabbi was convicted Wednesday of raping and sexually abusing his niece, over a 10-year period, since she was 8-years-old. The Tel-Aviv District Court praised the teenage girl for coming forward, to put an end to the sexual abuses committed against her.

According to a Channel 1 TV News report, the girl was subjected to a great deal of pressure from her family and community, and has since left her home.

During his testimony, the defendant admitted to having sexual encounters with his niece at an early age, but he insisted that she gave her consent. The girl reportedly told members of her family of the ongoing abuse, but no actions were taken. The defendant was arrested at Ben Gurion International Airport, trying to leave the country.

Iran's Nuclear Reactor

By IINS News Service

Russia is ready to build a nuclear power plant in Bushehr, Iran, despite Ukraine's refusal to supply the turbine, the Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy said Wednesday.

According to the Interfax news agency, Minister for Atomic Energy Yevgeny Adamov had talks with the visiting vice president of the Iranian Organization for Nuclear Energy, Asadullah Saburi, and they agreed that Ukraine's refusal to participate in the project "will not exert any serious influence on the construction of the first unit in Bushehr."

Adamov's spokesman Georgy Kaurov cited Adamov as saying that if Ukraine does not supply the turbine, similar equipment will be provided by Russian enterprises.

A contract worth $800 million for building the first unit of the Bushehr nuclear power plant was signed by Russia and Iran Jan. 8, 1995. Sources in the Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy said the first unit will be built in three years. The Bushehr nuclear power plant will have a VVER-1000 water-cooled Russian reactor. In accordance with the earlier-adopted plans, the turbine equipment, estimated at about $40 million, was to be supplied by Ukraine.

The report said it is not ruled out, that in the future Russia and Iran will reach a new agreement on building two more energy units for the Bushehr nuclear power plant.

Russia's cooperation with Iran in the construction of a nuclear power plant met with strong opposition from the United States, who blamed Russia for supplying Iran with know-how that can be used for military purposes, including for the creation of an Islamic nuclear bomb.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Bulgak Wednesday said Russia should face no reprimands over cooperation with Iran in the nuclear energy sphere. One should remember that Iran is a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency and that Iran has signed the Nonproliferation Treaty.

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