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>Israel Faxx
>JN March 5, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 42

Kitchen Duty Doesn't Include Peeling Vegetables

By IINS News Service

The IDF has decided that soldiers assigned to kitchen duty may not be told to peel vegetables. The reason given was the unusually high number of soldiers who injured themselves, since they are not accustomed to handling knives or making salads. The bad news -- the new order does not apply to the peeling of potatoes.

Nazi Allegedly Personally Killed 500 Jews

By Kyle King (VOA-Bonn)

German authorities have arrested a man suspected of World War 2 Nazi war crimes. The man is accused of involvement in the deaths more than 70,000 Jews in Poland and Ukraine. Authorities have not released the name of the 78-year old suspect, who was arrested Tuesday in Stuttgart. Prosecutors say he is a former low-ranking officer in the notorious Nazi SS.

A statement released by German prosecutors alleges that during a two-day period in 1943, the suspect personally shot and killed about 500 people at a concentration camp in eastern Poland. Officials say details of the incident were discovered in statements the man gave as a witness in other trials and investigations.

Prosecutors say the man had served time in a Soviet prison for war crimes after World War 2, then moved to Kazakstan before coming to Germany in the early 1990s. Authorities in the state where he was arrested say the suspect has been under investigation since last year when he made incriminating statements to investigators in another German state.

Prosecutors say they do not know how long it will take to bring the case to trial because of the difficulty of finding witnesses and the process of going through archival material.

To date, Germany has investigated about 100,000 Nazi war crimes cases. About 6,500 people have been convicted. Most of the remaining cases are against low-ranking former Nazi officers.

Weizman Re-elected President

By Mark Lavie (VOA-Tel Aviv)

Israel's Knesset has re-elected President Ezer Weizman for a second term. Weizman defeated a candidate backed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Weizman defeated Shaul Amor by a comfortable margin, 63-49, with seven abstentions.
It would have been an upset if Weizman had lost. But as it is with everything the outspoken and impulsive Israeli president is involved in, there was an element of unpredictability here, as well.

He defeated Amor, his opposite in most ways. Amor is an immigrant from Morocco, a member of Netanyahu's party, a soft-spoken, popular, noncontroversial figure. At 73, Weizman remains the man Israelis love and hate, at the same time. A native-born Israeli, commander of Israel's air force in its early years, Weizman maintains the aura of a fighter pilot -- the swagger, the quick, clipped cadence of speech, the improvisation.

Entering politics after his military career, Weizman served on both sides of Israel's political fence, yet always seemed at lest two large steps in front of his colleagues. As defense minister in a right-wing Israeli government, he helped fashion Israel's first peace treaty with an Arab country, Egypt. Jumping over to the left-wing Labor party, he met with Palestinians from the PLO while that was still illegal under Israeli law and years before Israel started signing agreements with the Palestinian leadership.

As president, during a wave of terror attacks by Palestinian extremists, he called for stopping peace talks with the Palestinians. Yitzhak Rabin, the then prime minister who was later assassinated, hotly disagreed with his old military comrade -- charging that he was handing a victory to the terrorists.

Later, Weizman protested the refusal of Netanyahu to meet PLO head Yasir Arafat. Weizman invited the Palestinian leader to his home, forcing Netanyahu to end his boycott. Sitting next to Arafat at that meeting, Weizman showed his personal style when a reporter questioned the idea of Israel making peace with the Palestinians...

"(Chuckle) look, have you ever been to war? Have you ever fought a war? Well, you're very lucky. After a war, usually intelligent people try to achieve peace."

In his first five years as Israel's president, Weizman's scatter-shooting tongue insulted Israeli women, homosexuals and others. Some forgave him. Others broke with him. But friends and enemies agree, with Ezer Weizman re-elected as israel's president, it will not be boring here.

Israel Antiquities Authority Opens Internet Site

By IINS News Service

Israel Antiquities Authority Director Amir Drori announced the opening of the Antiquities Authority's new internet site ( "Almost all you need to know about Israeli antiquities and archaeology can be found on the site." The site includes many multi-media features: Virtual reality, video, sound, interactive games. Visitors can receive information on significant Israeli archaeological sites and finds.

Grandmother of Hatzor Passes Away

Israel Faxx News Services

Chanina Abu died Tuesday in the northern town of Hatzor HaGelilit, at the age of 107. Known as "the grandmother of Hatzor," Abu fasted every Monday and Thursday, and took care of every newly-circumcised baby in the town. Hundreds of people participated in her funeral.

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