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>Israel Faxx
>JN Feb. 26, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 37

Student Injured by Atropine Injection

A student in a Pardes Chana school was injured when he accidentally injected himself with the dose of atropine that accompanies the gas masks distributed by the IDF. The student heard a car alarm go off, thought it was an air raid, panicked, and accidentally injected himself with the auto-injector dose of atropine. He was taken to the Hillel-Yaffa Hospital in Chadera, where he is reported to be
doing well.

IDF: Iraq Retains Mass Destruction Capability

The head of Israel's Military Intelligence confirmed Tuesday that, despite the serious weakening of the Iraqi armed forces since 1991, that country's ability to produce non-conventional weapons remains intact.

Addressing the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Maj. Gen. Moshe Ayalon said that several thousand Iraqi scientists have received technological training in the West giving them the know-how to manufacture chemical and biological weapons.

He also cited information provided in 1995 by Saddam Hussein's defected son-in-law Hassan Kamal which led UN inspectors to biological weapons and production documents concealed in a hen yard; this after repeated Iraqi denials that it possessed any such weapons.

Ayalon said Iraq is believed to have successfully hidden a few dozen missiles and some launchers. He said reports of Iraqi warplanes having been fitted out to carry and spray biological agents are true, and he believes these aircraft are able to penetrate Israeli airspace.

Russia to Supply Iran with Nuclear Reactor

By IINS News Service

Despite objections made by the United States, Russia is moving ahead with its agreement to supply Iran with a nuclear reactor in the city of Bushire.

According to the Washington Post, the Russians have signed a deal for $780 million to complete the nuclear reactor, which was started in 1979 by Germany.

Both Russia and Iran deny that the reactor will furnish Iran with the capability of nuclear weaponry. Iranian officials are insisting they will open the reactor to international inspectors.

In 1995, responding to US pressure, Russian President Boris Yeltsin promised the United States that he would not sell Iran technology for the development of uranium.

Soviets Had Tons of Anthrax

By IINS News Service

The former Soviet Union had "hundreds of tons" of anthrax bacteria and lesser amounts of the smallpox and plague viruses ready to launch by missile, in case of a world war in the 1980s, a high-level defector says.

Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov, who headed a branch of the Soviet biological weapons program before he defected to the United States in 1992, believes a vestige of the cold war-era program still exists in Russia, he said in the New York Times. "They continue to do research to develop new biological agents. They conduct research and explain it as being for defensive purposes."

Internet Security: Modern Concern of Security Experts

By IINS News Service

Israeli Internet expert Eli HaCohen told the Knesset Science Committee that classified information pertaining to classified data on the Israel Air Force and nuclear capabilities can be found on the World Wide Web.

According to HaCohen, the information available is detailed enough to tell a web surfer the location of nuclear installations and a list of which facilities are armed with missiles. HaCohen reported that two of the sites that he found were established abroad, in the United States and Britain.

Divorce Proceedings

>YX By IINS News Service

A Haifa rabbinical court dealing with a divorce case ruled that a married woman may not stay out at night alone for entertainment reasons, after midnight. Her husband told the court that his wife frequents singles establishments and does not return until the early morning hours. Therefore, he is asking the court to grant his petition for a divorce.

The wife told the court that it was her husband, who has had affairs in the past with other women. The court ruled the wife must be home nights, by midnight.

The wife appealed the decision before the High Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem, under the leadership of Chief Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron. The High Court returned the file to the Haifa court for reconsideration. The rabbis ruled that the situation in which one of the couple continuously goes out to "party," without her spouse, leads to a decline in the moral fiber of the family setup and modesty in the home.

"This type of situation is not to be tolerated," added the court and they granted a divorce. The wife once again appealed to the High Court, which upheld the divorce decision, since the couple seems unable to go out together and insist on being apart from one another. After the wife refused to accept the divorce as required by Jewish Law, a motion was field with the High Court to issue sanctions against the wife.

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