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>Israel Faxx
>JN Feb. 9, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 24

Soldier Killed in Lebanon to be Buried in Russia

Sgt. Nikolai Rappaport was killed in Lebanon Saturday in an hours-long battle with Hizbullah terrorists. He will be buried in Russia, where his mother lives. He immigrated to Israel on his own, and his father and sister recently joined him. Seven other IDF soldiers were wounded in the clash, and three terrorists were killed.

Palestinian Support for Iraq

By Arutz-7-News Service

Palestinian solidarity with Saddam Hussein continues as 100s of Arabs -- some reports said 1,000 -- rallied violently Saturday in support of Iraq in Bethlehem. They threw rocks and bottles on IDF soldiers at Rachel's Tomb, waved Iraqi flags, and burned Israeli and American flags. Eight residents of the Dahaisheh refugee camp were injured.

The official Palestinian Authority paper, Al Hayat al Jadida, has expressed strong support in its editorials for Saddam Hussein. Arafat sent a second letter of support last week to Saddam Hussein, and the emissary -- the PLO minister for public works -- who delivered both letters, said, "We are informing President Saddam Hussein of the strong support of the Palestinian nation and the Palestinian Liberation Organization for Iraq, and of our firm objections to the American threats to use military strength."

In other Iraq-related reports, the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, quotes a former head of Iraqi intelligence who fled to the West in 1994, as saying that Saddam Hussein has "enough biological weapons to annihilate all of the inhabitants of the Middle East," including at least 45 missiles with a 600 km range. The report was referred to in Sunday's Ma'ariv, which said that the former official believed that Hussein preferred suffering an American attack rather than appearing weak by backing down.

Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig said Saturday that Israel "must retaliate" if attacked by Iraqi missiles. Haig, who served in the administration of Ronald Reagan when Israeli warplanes bombed an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981, said the prospect a US retaliatory strike against Baghdad could push Hussein to unleash a missile strike against Israel. Haig told Kol Israel, the Voice of Israel Radio, that, should Israel be attacked by Iraq, it must retaliate, without restraint.

After being turned down by alleged allies Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, France and others, the United States has received permission from the government of Germany for US forces to use its air bases in a possible retaliatory strike against Saddam Hussein. German Chancellor Helmut Kohl said his government would permit US forces to use air force bases in an offensive. He added the threat posed by Hussein is a most serious one.

Masks for Bearded Israelis

By IINS News Service

IDF Spokesman Oded Ben-Ami explained Sunday that all Israelis wishing to acquire a gas mask that permits one to retain one's beard, will be issued one upon request, (providing the individual is bearded) regardless if the beard is for religious, fashion or other reasons.

Ben-Ami added that at present, the batteries needed to operate the pumps on the special masks are out of supply and as soon as they arrive, the masks will once again be distributed.

For now, any bearded persons coming to a distribution center will temporarily receive a regular mask and his name will be added to the list of persons to receive the special mask.

Palestinians Purchasing Jerusalem Land

By Arutz-7 News Service

Haaretz reports the Palestinian Authority has made several purchases of land in the eastern Jerusalem. PA senior Col. Tawfiq Tirawi was instrumental in at least one case in frustrating a near-sale to Jewish buyers.

Arutz-7 noted the government had once ordered the issuance of a warrant for the Tirawi's arrest, on suspicion of being directly responsible for the murder of Arab land-dealers who had sold land to Jews.

Haaretz reports Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a report stating that since the beginning of 1997, the PA has been actively pursuing real estate in Jerusalem.

Wine Flows Like Water

By Arutz-7 News Service

Almost 200,000 liters of wine were literally poured down the drain Sunday, in Carmel Mizrachi's annual tithing ceremony. Arutz-7 reports that 20,000 liters, or 10% of the tithe, was given to the charity organization Yad Eliezer as the "tithe for the poor." The 112-year old annual ceremony was held in Carmel Mizrachi headquarters in Rishon LeZion.

Chief Rabbis Bakshi, Doron, Lau, along with other rabbis and thousands of school children, participated in the ceremony. Rabbi Yosef Azran, Chief Rabbi of Rishon LeZion, concluded with the blessing: "We all hope for the day when King David will take a cup of Carmel Mizrachi wine and with the help of God will merit to recite the blessing on the Redemption."

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