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>JN Feb. 3, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 20

Israel Deploys U.S. Missiles Amid Iraq Fears

Israel, target of Iraqi Scud missile strikes in the 1991

Persian Gulf War, deployed four batteries of U.S. Patriot anti-ballistic missiles on a hill in its southern Negev desert Monday, witnesses said. The army, which at first declined comment on the deployment, later called it a routine training drill. The United States rushed Patriot missiles to Israel during the Gulf War, when Iraq fired 39 Scud missiles at the Jewish state.

Palestinian Police Train Guns on Israeli Troops

Palestinian police aimed their guns at Israeli troops Monday

during a fourth day of violent protests by Palestinian youths, highlighting mounting tension amid continuing deep deadlock in the peace process. Witnesses said about eight Israeli soldiers advanced from positions they control at the biblical site of Rachel's Tomb in the West Bank town of Bethlehem firing tear gas and rubber bullets at some 40 young Palestinians who had pelted them with stones and bottles. The incident ended without shots being fired when the Israelis moved back to their positions. Peacemaking has been blocked for nearly a year, with the sides now deadlocked over the West Bank pullback.

Netanyahu: Only Israel will Decide Response to Iraqi Threat

By Arutz-7 News Service

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, responding to speculation about Israel's reaction to a possible attack by Saddam Hussein, said, "Israel, and only Israel, will decide its response to an Iraqi threat."

The statement seemed designed to put paid to reports that Israel would adhere to US dictates as to whether or not it can militarily respond if targeted by Baghdad. In the 1991 Gulf War the US asked for, and obtained, Israel's commitment not to respond to Saddam's missile attacks. Israeli defense minister Yitzhak Mordechai warned that Israel has the right to retaliate if attacked. And he confirmed that America would give Israel early warning if it decided to go ahead and hit Iraq.

Israelis Begin to Show Concern Over Iraqi Situation

By IINS News Service

The IDF Home Front Command gas mask distribution centers are reporting a 100% increase in the number of persons reporting to exchange or request gas masks. Persons are waiting on line for hours in order to get newer masks or for many, getting a mask for the first time.

Reports estimate about 200,000 persons without any type of mask, most of whom are foreign workers. IDF officials also report they have exhausted their supply of special masks for bearded persons and those wishing to protect themselves now will be required to take a standard mask and shave if an emergency arises.

Israeli experts predict that the likelihood of an Iraqi attack using non-conventional warfare- as remaining very low. Experts estimate that the Iraqi leader only has the ability to launch between two and 10 non-conventional missiles. Senior military officials have stressed the situation today is in no way similar to that which existed seven years ago during the 1991 Gulf War.

What of the PA Threat against Israel?

By IINS News Service

According to the International edition of Time Magazine, the PLO Authority is preparing for war, in the event of a total collapse of the peace process. According to Time, the PA has acquired anti-tank missiles, artillery and other weaponry, which would be used in an assault against Israel -- should Yasir Arafat feel the talks with Israel have collapsed.

Israeli intelligence reports also estimate the PA has acquired anti-aircraft missiles as well as over 40 armored vehicles, which were given to the PA by Russia some time ago.

As Israeli officials monitor the situation with Iraq carefully, many leaders of communities of Judea, Samaria and Gaza are asking what precautions, if any, are being taken against a possible offensive assault by PA troops or Arab residents of PA areas, in the event of an Iraqi assault on Israel.

During the 1991 Gulf War, Arab residents of areas now under PA control did not hesitate to show their support for Iraq and applauded missile attacks against Israel.

Dimona Resident Surprised upon Returning Home

By IINS News Service

A Dimona resident was surprised when he returned home last weekend. He found that a strange person had taken a shower in his home, used his toiletries, and got dressed in his clothes. Upon his arrival, he found the stranger sitting and preparing himself a hearty meal.

The owner of the home quickly summoned police, who arrested the man, a resident of Haifa. The suspect did not have a good explanation to offer the Magistrate's Court judge. The man was remanded to custody, pending psychiatric evaluation.

German Woman Wishes to Save at Least One Jew

A 35-year old German woman named Christine Hulbold recently

turned to the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem with a unique request. She wishes to donate an organ from her body as an "atonement" for the crimes her people committed during the Holocaust.

In a letter to Hadassah, Hulbold wrote, "As a member of a nation that destroyed millions of Jews, I would like to save at least one Jewish life." Her grandfather fought as a German soldier during World War 2.

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