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>JN Jan. 30, 1998, Vol. 6, No. 18

Christian Border Policeman Insists on New Testament

A member of the Israel Border Police Force was angered when he was told he may not be sworn in on the New Testament, only the Old Testament. The border policeman, who has since found out he is one of many Christian and non-Jewish members of the force, stated this type of religious discrimination was not acceptable. He eventually was permitted to be sworn in on the New Testament.

Search for Missing Submarine to Resume

By IINS News Service

Thirty years after an Israeli submarine, the Dakar, disappeared under mysterious circumstances, the Israel navy has announced that searches for the missing vessel would resume in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Dakar, a refurbished T-class submarine, disappeared in January 1968, while en route to Israel from the Portsmouth shipyard in Britain. The last communication received from the 69-man crew when the vessel was about 220 miles from Israel, in the vicinity of Crete.

Among commonly-held theories is one which holds that the commanding officer decided to enter Egyptian waters without permission to test new radar detection equipment -- and was either destroyed by the Egyptian navy, or sank after diving to depths too great for the outmoded submarine to handle.

The navy's commanding officer, Admiral Alex Tal, said the Defence Ministry had agreed to offer a reward -- of hundreds of thousands of shekels -- for help in locating the missing vessel and crew.

He also said the search for the Dakar would resume following the winter. Israel would request permission to search in Egyptian territorial waters.

Iraq Capable of Arming 25 Biological Warheads

By IINS News Service

Reports indicate that Iraq has enough biological weaponry to load 25 missiles. Israel TV was quoted as citing estimates that Iraq has 2,200 gallons of anthrax and 2,600 gallons of botulism toxins.

Haaretz, quoting Western sources, said Saddam Hussein has enough biological weapons to equip 25 surface-to-surface missiles. The sources said Iraq continues to conceal 75 non-conventional warheads and has a special unit to maintain the biological weapons system and keep UN inspectors away from it.

Yediot Achronot said the CIA has warned Israel that a US-led attack on Iraq likely would lead Baghdad to fire missiles with non-conventional warheads at Israel.

At a news conference in Washington, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said "It is very important that the countries in the region not feel exposed to somebody...that threatens them with weapons of mass destruction," she said. "If any actions were actually carried out, there is no question that such action would be unwise in the very extreme and it would be a serious mistake."

Goebbels' Hidden Bunker is Discovered

By IINS News Service

According to UPI, city officials in Berlin say workers clearing an historically sensitive section of the German city, discovered the wartime bunker of Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

Coordinator of the construction work Lutz Leupolt, said the Goebbels' secret underground three-room bunker was found under the site of Germany's planned Holocaust memorial.

Leupolt said, "We came across the structure during geophysics scannings in November. We were able to determine in December that it was a bunker and now we are fairly certain it belonged to Goebbels."

He said the chamber was connected to what was once Goebbels' townhouse, which was destroyed during the war. Goebbels was among the most vigorous proponents of anti-Semitism in Adolph Hitler's Third Reich.

The former journalist and his wife Magda killed themselves, after she poisoned their six children, as Soviet troops closed in on Berlin in the last days of the war in 1945.

German government officials said the fate of the bunker is uncertain, indicating it could be blown up, filled in or even restored as a museum. Leupolt said the bunker was found six-feet beneath the Potsdamer Platz, currently a huge building site, where a space has been cleared to build a memorial to Jewish victims of the Holocaust. City planners said the discovery of the bunker would not affect plans for the memorial.

One official said, "It was always known that this was a sensitive area...that was the whole point of positioning the Holocaust memorial here."

Jerusalem Rabbi Spotted in Striptease Establishment

By IINS News Service

A prominent Orthodox Jerusalem rabbi was spotted and photographed dressed as a cowboy, in a Tel-Aviv striptease establishment.

When the rabbi (who explained he was dressed "undercover") was seen by a non-Orthodox person in the establishment who knew him, that person took his picture. The rabbi stated he tried his best to explain but the media took the story at face value, despite his attempts to explain.

The Chassidic rabbi stated he learned some of his students were frequenting the striptease establishment, so he dressed like a cowboy to disguise himself and entered the forbidden place to see if the reports were true. It was at this time he was spotted and photographed.

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