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>Israel Faxx
>JN Jan. 22. 1998, Vol. 6, No. 112

Human Rights Group: PLO is "police state"

A leading Palestinian human rights group, accusing the Palestinian Authority of acting like a "police state," issued a scathing report detailing widespread human rights abuses in Palestinian-ruled areas in 1997. The report stressed, in Palestinian-controlled areas, "more and more Palestinians are engaged in the important work of arresting, torturing, and occasionally killing each other."

Arafat to Meet Clinton at White House

By Deborah Tate (VOA-White House)

President Clinton meets with Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat at the White House Thursday to discuss ways to move the Middle East peace process forward. The talks come two days after the president met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

White House spokesman Mike McCurry says Clinton and Arafat will discuss proposals on Israeli troop withdrawals from the West Bank that the president offered Netanyahu Tuesday.

Although few details have been released, US and Israeli officials say Clinton offered ideas about how much land to turn over to the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank, and in what sequence. In addition, the officials say, the president talked about specific security guarantees Israel could expect in return from the Palestinians.

A day after his meeting with Clinton, Netanyahu, in a speech at the National Press Club, reiterated Israel's willingness to redeploy if his country's security concerns are addressed.

"I am prepared to make a redeployment, I am prepared to take actions which are not easy, I am not prepared to put Israel at risk, and to jeopardize the survival of the one Jewish state. I think within these limitations, it is possible to make progress, I think we made some progress, there is more work to be done, it will probably be done in the next two weeks."

Netanyahu wants the Palestinians to do more to fight terrorism. White House officials are downplaying any chances of an agreement resulting from the president's talks with Netanyahu and Arafat. Rather, they say, the meetings are aimed at setting the stage for future progress.

The Gulf War Death Toll Reached 119

By IINS News Service

According to a Hebrew University School for Public Health study, 119 persons died as a result of the 1991 Gulf War. The study reported many of the deaths caused during the emergency situation could have been avoided.

The report suggests that if such a situation were to arise again, some improvements need to be made. Some of the suggestions are; Friendlier gas masks; coats to protect one's body; improved evacuation protocols for large cities; and protective gear against biological warfare.

The study indicates that only two of the 119 deaths resulted in direct hits from Scud missiles. The other deaths were attributed to heart attacks and suffocation [from improper use of gas masks].

33 persons, most of whom were older than 60, died the first night of the war. The deaths resulted from improper use of gas masks, heart failure, and difficulty breathing.

Many deaths could have been prevented had better steps to prepare the public have been taken prior to the start of the war. The researchers want to see additional steps taken to deal with topical skin insults caused by various toxins and/or biological warfare.

Jilted Wife Reveals Secret Agent Husband

By IINS News Service

The Chicago-based EmergencyNet News Agency reported a jilted wife has outsmarted the Australian Security Intelligence Organization's spy-protection program by revealing to Syrian authorities that her estranged Israeli-agent husband, is now living in Adelaide, Australia, under a different name.

Monica Monzer said Sunday she alerted Middle East authorities as to her husband's whereabouts. Her husband, K. Monzer, supplied intelligence secrets to the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, for several years before entering the ASIO's protection program for international spies.

Monica Monzer said, "I did it because I feel safer that they know (the Syrians). I'll probably get in trouble but it's safer for me." She said that after telephoning an Australian federal office, she was able to bluff a public servant into revealing his new identity. "I asked for whoever was in charge and, because I was mentioning all the names of the bosses, she thought I was somebody of authority."

Her sudden urge to disclose her husband's secrets comes shortly after a two-year battle with ASIO for compensation over her failed marriage. She says that once he became part of ASIO's protection program, their marriage broke down. "I'm not asking for much money -- just to compensate me for the wedding and my loss of earnings. They wouldn't even pay me for counseling."

Mr. Monzer's current employer said that he knows of his employee's history and expressed grave concern about Ms. Monzer's claim she had contacted Syrian authorities. "Those bastards are half-mad and you know something might be all right for six months. But they are hot on revenge those people."

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