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>Israel Faxx
>JN Dec. 16, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 229

Arafat Warns of Temple Plans

By IINS News Service

In his speech at the Islamic conference in Teheran, Yasir Arafat declared: "I am sounding the alarm to warn against the danger of the Jews' plan to destroy Al-Aksa Mosque and to build Solomon's Temple in its place."

Farrakhan Visit to Al Aksa Canceled

By IINS News Service

In an unexpected move, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan canceled his planned visit to Jerusalem and the Al Aksa Mosque and left Israel via the Allenby Bridge crossing into Jordan.

Farrakhan was not treated as an official government guest, due to his history of anti-Jewish rhetoric. Government officials demanded an apology prior to agreeing to meet with him. Farrakhan stated on Israel Army Radio yesterday morning, that he did not get a "comfortable feeling from the official government response."

He added, that despite Israeli promises, he was somewhat apprehensive regarding security and that if something were to happen to him during his visit, it would not have a good effect on black-Jewish relations.

Man Buried Following Religious Dispute

By IINS News Service

An Arab man who converted to Judaism, and later back to Islam, was finally buried after his Arab and Jewish wives reached an acceptable solution, absolving the High Court of Justice from having to hand down a decision. Shuakat Kuza was buried Sunday in a Moslem cemetery in Haifa, after an agreement between his wives was reached.

The funeral service was conducted in accordance with the Jewish tradition and he was later laid to rest in a Moslem cemetery. Kuza converted to Judaism in November 1995 and changed his name to Yehoshua Ben-Avraham. He then married his Jewish wife. In 1996, he converted back to Islam, marrying an Arab woman, but never gave his Jewish wife a divorce.

How Much is the Average Jelly Donut?

By IINS News Service

As Chanukah approaches, Israelis are beginning to munch on the traditional holiday treat, jelly donuts. A survey indicated that one can find simple jelly-filled donuts for NIS 1 and they range as high as NIS 6.5, for those filled with real dairy cream. The "average" seems to be holding between NIS 2.50 and NIS 3.00. Most of the donuts are filled with jelly or carmel cream.

91% of Jews in Israel Will Light Chanukah Candles

By IINS News Service

A Teleseker poll commissioned by Yediot Achronot reveals that 91 percent of Jews in Israel intend to light candles during the upcoming Chanukah Holiday. 85 percent said they will eat the traditional jelly donuts during the holiday. Most admitted they did not know how many calories each donut has. (350 calories each)

Mother of Fallen IDF Soldier Living in A Car

By IINS News Service

Shoshana Azouli, the mother of Emil Azouli, who was killed in the Feb. 4 mid-air collision of two IDF helicopters, is now living in her second son's automobile. Following the death of her son, she requested assistance from the Defense Ministry to move towards the center of the country from her Eilat residence, to be closer to his grave in Ashkelon.

Mrs Azouli, who is divorced, received $400 monthly from the ministry but due to a deteriorating mental condition since her son's death, she was unable to raise the additional $200 monthly rent. She was eventually evicted and moved into the car of her second son, who is currently in the IDF.

When hearing of her plight, the fathers of two other soldiers who were among the 73 killed in the mid-air crash, went to find her in her car in Bat Yam. Upon seeing Shoshana, one of the fathers broke down in tears and immediately asked Shoshana to stay with his family in Ramat Hasharon. She took him up on the offer.

When news of Shoshana's plight hit the media, many Israelis offered Shoshana room and board. Defense Minister Mordechai called upon officials in the Defense Ministry to quickly find an acceptable solution to this urgent problem.

Jewish Woman Heads for Guyanese Presidency

By Arutz-7 News Service

The first Jewish woman outside of Israel to be a head of state is likely to be Janet Rosenberg Jagan, 77, originally from Chicago. The widow of Guyana's former president, she is the front-runner in Monday's national election in the South American country. She helped form a Marxist political party in Guyana, where she has lived since 1943. Her American citizenship was revoked at one point, and when she was later given a chance to recover it, she declined. The New York Times reported that her Jewish background does not appear to be an issue in the election.

Netanyahu Sends Letter to Pollard in Jail

An Israeli cabinet minister will deliver a letter from Prime

Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to convicted American spy Jonathan Pollard when she meets him in prison this week, officials said.

The letter says Israelis are concerned about Pollard's "ongoing suffering" and expresses the wish he will be "a free man in the near future," said Netanyahu's spokesman.

A former U.S. Navy intelligence officer, Pollard was convicted in 1986 of passing Israel classified information on Arab countries. Israel has never admitted it used Pollard, an American Jew, as a spy. He is serving a life sentence.

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