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>Israel Faxx
>JN Nov. 26, 1997, Vol. 5, No 218

Beersheva Car Thefts

According to police, 35 cars were stolen in Beersheva on Monday and Tuesday. The continued rise of car thefts nationwide has been attributed by senior police officials to the ease of travel, permitting many thieves to steal cars from "Israel proper," and then make their way to nearby PLO Authority autonomous areas, which have become cities of refuge for car thieves.

Germans Try Alleged War Criminal

By Kyle King (VOA Bonn)

A retired German man has gone on trial in Cologne, charged with taking part in the World War 2 massacre of Jews in Nazi-occupied Ukraine. Prosecutors say Ernst Hering, 75, knowingly took part in the wartime murder of up to 85 Jews in 1942, including 20 children he allegedly helped transport to their deaths.

Hering is being tried in a German juvenile court because he was only 19 at the time of the killings. He has denied the charges. He has admitted he helped transport the children to the mass grave where they were later shot. But he says he believed the victims were being taken to a work detail.

Prosecutors say he was aware the Nazi-organized militia unit to which he belonged in Ukraine had planned the killings, even if he did not take part in the shootings.

Hering is an ethnic German who was born in Ukraine. He has lived in Germany since the end of World War 2.

Palestinian Reaction to Israeli Withdrawal Offer

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Palestinian officials have reacted angrily to reports that Israel is offering to withdraw from six-to-eight percent more of the West Bank. But Israel defended the plan as substantial and doable.

News reports make the Israeli offer sound small, but Israeli government spokesman David bar Illan says the Palestinians would have more than one-third of the West Bank under this plan.

Still, Palestinians are not impressed. They want 50 per cent. Israel says that is not possible, but bar Illan says the current Israeli offer is. "I believe that it will pass the Knesset (parliament) once the whole package is known to all its members."

Bar Illan says he believes the plan will be approved -- despite threats by right wing members of parliament to bring the government down if there is any further withdrawal. Palestinian officials call the Israeli offer "a mockery."

One of Yasir Arafat's key advisers, legislative council member Nabil Amr, says the Palestinian Authority will not accept any "cosmetic" Israeli withdrawal. But he also says the Israeli plan has not yet been formally presented and the Authority will reserve final judgement until it is.

British Airways London - TA Flight Turns Violent

By IINS News Service

One of the passengers aboard a British Airways flight to Tel-Aviv was an Israeli who was expelled from Britain for being there illegally. A policeman permitted the man to use the bathroom on the plane. After a few minutes, police became suspicious and told the man to come out. He exited and was covered in blood.

He told police he slashed his wrists and abdomen with a razor. When the policeman tried to assess the situation, the man jumped on him and began punching him.

The two began to fight and blood covered the area, according to one eyewitness. A second British policeman entered the plane and tried to assist his partner. The steward, who was giving out food, ran from the area. The food trays began to fly and the situation appeared to have worsened.

Police eventually managed to subdue the man, and he was handcuffed. A doctor who was on the flight, an Israeli, tended to the man's wounds. Upon arriving in Tel-Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport, the man was sent to the hospital, with a police escort. Deputy Commander Shimon Sharvit, the head of the Airport Police, stated the man will face criminal charges, when discharged from the hospital.

Histadrut Defrauds US Senior Citizens

By IINS News Service

The Histadrut (Labor Party-affiliated) national labor union is holding on to $5.3 million, which was loaned to it by 2,500 senior citizens in the United States.

The organization, representing the US lenders, has filed a claim in Israel to force the Histadrut to immediately return $3 million, in accordance with the agreement signed.

The agreement calls upon the Histadrut to make monthly "pension-type" payments to the lenders, many of whom are relying on the return of their loan as a principal source of income.

Attorney Yehuda Tunick, representing the US lenders, filed a motion in the Tel-Aviv District Court. The Histadrut spokesman Yossi Liebowitz stated the Histadrut response will be given in court.

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