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>JN Nov. 20, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 214

Shooting in Old City of Jerusalem

By IINS News Service

Two Israelis, most likely yeshiva students, were shot in the Old City of Jerusalem, near the Shchem Gate, a short time ago. The two, were fired upon from almost point blank range by automatic gunfire.

One of the victims is in very critical condition, and the second is in moderate-to-critical condition according to police. Preliminary reports indicate the attack took place in one of the alleyways near Shchem gate.

One of the victims made his way to the home of Minister Ariel Sharon in the Moslem Quarter. He managed to get the attention of the Border Police troops prior to collapsing on the ground.

A manhunt for the attacker(s) is underway. The two were transported by emergency medical service personnel .

Netanyahu, King Hussein Hold Late Night Meeting

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israel says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan's King Hussein discussed the Iraq crisis and their own relations during a late-night Tuesday meeting in London.

Israel Radio says King Hussein expressed his concerns about the impact of any potential Israeli strike on Iraq, even if it would come in retaliation for an Iraqi missile attack on Israel.

The radio says Netanyahu did not give the king any assurances that Israel would restrain itself, as it did in the face of 39 Iraqi Scud missile hits during the Gulf War. But the prime minister is quoted as telling the king he hopes a military confrontation can be avoided.

Speaking from the airport, the prime minister's spokesman, Shai Bazak, told the radio that Israeli-Jordanian relations were significantly improved by the meeting.

The relationship soured in September when Israel tried to assassinate a Hamas leader in Amman. Bazak says relations between Netanyahu and King Hussein "certainly looked good" after their two-hour meeting.

Israeli Gas Mask Demand up Five-Fold

Israel's army reports a five-fold jump in the number of Israelis lining up for gas-mask kits for fear Iraqi President Saddam Hussein will fire chemical-laden missiles at them.

An army spokeswoman said Wednesday that more than 10,000 jittery citizens were descending on distribution centers each day, ignoring official assurances a dispute between Baghdad and Washington posed a limited threat to Israel. Before a U.S.-Iraqi standoff erupted early this month over U.N. arms inspections, about 2,000 Israelis were queuing up daily for the kits.

During the 1991 Gulf War, Iraq fired dozens of missiles at Israel, causing widespread damage but relatively few casualties. Israelis donned gas masks and stayed in sealed rooms to protect themselves against possible chemical weapons.

When the war ended, civil defense officials mounted a TV commercial campaign to persuade Israelis to trade in used gas-mask kits for new ones. This month's crisis has increased demand.

Israeli security sources believe Baghdad may still have the military capability to launch Scuds against Israel. Israel's President Ezer Weizman sent a mixed message in an interview with Yediot Ahronot. "I don't think Iraq will fire missiles at worst a missile will fly. But I don't think there is danger of a big war."

"Oh Saddam, Bomb Tel Aviv"

By IINS News Service

Israel has accused the Palestinian Authority of encouraging popular rallies of support for Saddam Hussein within its territory. David Bar Illan, communications spokesman in the Prime Minister's Office said this showed that the PA was not educating its citizens towards peace with Israel, but rather stressing an opposite message.

Hundreds of activists in Yasir Arafat's Fatah faction of the PLO demonstrated in Shechem earlier this week, calling upon Saddam Hussein to bomb Tel Aviv.

A statement issued by the Israel Government Press Office contained a number of examples of apparent incitement relating to the Iraqi situation. Some follow:

"The aggression against Iraq is aggression against Palestine... anyone who does not say 'no' now to the US is the enemy of Palestine..." (article in the official Palestinian Authority newspaper AL-HAYAT AL-JADEEDA, Nov. 12)

"History will not remember what is known as the United States, but it remembers Iraq, the cradle of civilization, and Palestine, the cradle of religions. History remembers every piece of Arab land, because it is the bosom of human civilization. On the other hand, the murderers of humanity, the creators of the barbaric culture and the blood-suckers of nations, are doomed to death and destined to shrink to a microscopic size, like Micronesia." (Hafez al-Barghuti, editor of AL-HAYAT AL-JADEEDA Nov. 15)

"Oh Saddam, my dear, drop your bombs on Tel Aviv." chant by Palestinian demonstrators in Ram'Allah during a rally of support for Iraq (Reuters, Nov. 10)

Canadian Forced into IDF

By IINS News Service

According to UPI, a Canadian man who left Israel about 10 years ago landed in Israel and was forcibly taken into the IDF. The man returned to visit his mother, who is ill and was taken by authorities and coerced to enlist in the IDF.

Larintiu Stor, 25,, stated that upon his arrival in Ben Gurion International Airport Oct. 31, he was taken straight to a military prison. His wife Maria was forced to watch the events that took place but she was unable to help her husband.

Stor spent eight days in an IDF prison, after which time he was taken and enlisted into the IDF. Stor immigrated to Israel from Romania at age 8. At age 15, he left the country, moving to Toronto. It appears that Stor left Israel after receiving his IDF draft notification, thereby creating the problem.

It was learned subsequent to the UPI report that Stor was released from the IDF and will not be required to serve.

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