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>Israel Faxx
>JN Nov. 14, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 210

Israel: the World's Cellular Champion

Israel has 2.6 million direct phone lines (a 4.5 percent

penetration rate), 1.6 million cellular phones (27 percent penetration), and 1 million households hooked up to cable television (67 percent penetration among households in the area of coverage) - states the report of the Rosen Committee on introducing competition in the communications industry.

New Driving Standards

By IINS News Service

The Ministry of Transportation has decided to implement a new law that will require new drivers to be accompanied by a veteran driver for the first six-months after receiving their drivers license.

Ministry officials are hopeful the new law will further reduce traffic fatalities, since the transition from driving while accompanied by a certified instructor will be replaced by a veteran driver and eventually, one may drive alone.

The accompanying driver must have at least five-years experience and be over the age of 23. Officials believe an older person will have a calming effect on a new driver. The new law must be approved by the Knesset. If it passes, as expected, it will take effect in 90-days.

Special Report on Raviv

The translation of the declassified portions of the Shamgar

Commission report, dealing with the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin, has been posted on our world wide web site located at

The report deals with the activities of General Security Service (GSS/Shin-Bet) agent Avishai Raviv.

Preparing for Palestine Independence Day

By IINS News Service

Saturday, Nov. 15, is Palestine Independence Day, as declared by Yasir Arafat nine years ago at the start of the violent Arab uprising known as the Intifada.

In an exclusive interview Wednesday with Yediot Achronot, Arafat stated, "We will declare a Palestinian State if Netanyahu likes it or not, within two years. We are getting positive feedback from the world."

Small Mouse Responsible for 2-Year Legal Battle

By IINS News Service

A small field mouse that was discovered in a bag of "Tnuva" milk, has kept the Petach Tikvah Magistrate's Court busy for two years. Tnuva stands accused of selling spoiled food.

In its defense, Tnuva stated it was impossible for a mouse to have entered a bag of milk on the filling assembly line and it must have occurred in the retail outlet or the consumer's home. The court sent an expert to observe the Jerusalem assembly line and it was determined it was possible.

Tnuva called zoological expert Professor Yosef Tarkel to examine the assembly line procedure and he concurred with Tnuva's position. Under testimony, the professor did acknowledge a small rodent could actually enter a bag of milk on the assembly line. The case moves on.

MDA Contemplates Changing its Magen David Symbol

By IINS News Service

In an attempt to be accepted into the International Red Cross, Magen David Adom may change its well-known symbol, in the near future.

Despite attempts over the past years to gain acceptance in the international organization, MDA has been told it must comply with the accepted Red Cross or Red Crescent symbols. MDA refuses to put the red crescent or red cross on its ambulances.

In his opening address to the International Friends of Magen David Adam, held this week in the Jerusalem Laromme Hotel, Dr. Shlomi Antebi, MDA's president, presented his compromise solution that he feels will meet the international standard.

At this week's Laromme conferences, delegates from at least 10 countries met to exchange ideas and discuss future programs to continue their support for Israel Emergency Medical Service. Among the countries represented this week were the United States, Canada, Italy, Australia, Great Britain and others.

Prime Minister's Address to CJF on WWW

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the

General Assembly Plenum of the Council of Jewish Federations in Indianapolis Sunday at approximately 8:05 p.m, EST.

The speech to an expected audience of 4,000 people at the Plenum will be broadcast live on the Internet via Audionet. The 30-minute address to the CJF General Assembly, the largest annual gathering of Jewish organizations in North America, can be heard at:

PM Calls for High Speed Tel-Aviv-Beersheva Train

By IINS News Service

In a speech at the Israel Export Institute's Israel Export Day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he was planning to raise in the Cabinet and support a plan for high speed train service between Tel-Aviv and Beersheva.

Netanyahu stated that this transportation project was needed, in order to integrate industrial capabilities of the country's south with its center and should make the journey just under an hour between the two cities. Investment in the project is estimated at close to NIS 300 million.

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