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>Israel Faxx
>JN Nov. 13, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 209

Number of Internet Hate Sites Soaring

The number of Internet "hate" sites, ranging from one showing 218 ways to make a bomb to another offering access to a virtual "Auschwitz," has nearly doubled to 600 in just a year, the Simon Wiesenthal Center said Wednesday. In a presentation to a United Nations conference on racism on the Internet, the center said online hate propaganda had become a growth area with racists freely communicating in cyberspace.

Netanyahu Leaving for America by Mark Lavie (VOA-Tel Aviv)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leaves Thursday for Britain and the United States, where he has scheduled talks with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and American jewish leaders. The prime minister also faces problems at home and abroad.

Netanyahu delayed his departure for one day after a bitter confrontation with his own political party about how to choose candidates. Things will not be any easier in London or the United States.

The Israeli leader is to meet Albright in London Friday. She is expected to keep pressing for a so-called time-out on Jewish settlement-building in the West Bank. That is also a key Palestinian demand. The Israelis say they have the right to build new housing.

The Palestinians and Israelis are deadlocked over minor matters like air and seaports for Palestinians in Gaza. Netanyahu recommends jumping over the small issues, and going straight to peace treaty negotiations about borders, Israeli settlements, Palestinian refugees and the future of Jerusalem.

"I don't think anyone should fear such negotiations. The final settlement is peace. This is peace. And anyone who avoids deliberately moving towards a final settlement is signaling that they don't want peace."

Skeptical Palestinians say that sounds like a ploy by the Israeli leader to deflect criticism about his uncompromising negotiating stance.

American displeasure with the Israelis has apparently led to an almost unprecedented development. An Israeli prime minister will travel to the United States -- but might not meet President Clinton. Netanyahu and Clinton will be in Los Angeles a few hours apart next week. But no meeting is scheduled.

In addition, the Israeli leader can expect hostility when he addresses a convention of American Jewish leaders. They are enraged by the Israeli government's moves against the Reform and Conservative branches of Judaism. Most American Jews are Reform or Conservative.

Raviv Prodded Amir to Kill Rabin

By Arutz-7

According to the classified chapters of the Shamgar report, GSS agent Avishai Raviv told Yigal Amir that Yitzchak Rabin falls into the classification of a "pursuer" who may be killed. According to the report, Raviv even prodded Amir to kill him, although Amir did not tell Raviv of his specific plans to do so.

The heretofore secret parts will not be released until Thursday -- in accordance with a request by Labor Knesset faction head Raanan Cohen, who said that it would not be appropriate to release them on the official day of memorial for Rabin. Five of the seven pages that will be publicized deal with Raviv, and the others deal with the supervision by the prime minister over the GSS. Two other chapters, dealing with the performance of the GSS unit for protection of persons and the GSS relationship with the police, will remain classified.

Another conclusion gleaned from a perusal of the report is that the GSS had the police cancel the criminal files opened against Raviv during the eight years that he served as its agent. The report emphasizes that Raviv was not responsible for distributing the Rabin-SS picture, although he was the one who made sure to show it to a television reporter.

Warnings of Another Political Assassination

By IINS News Service

Former General Security Service (GSS/Shin-Bet) chief Yaakov Perry has issued a warning that another political assassination may take place. In his address to the Knesset Interior Committee, Perry warned of the possibility of another attempt to kill a senior political figure. Perry stated that it was entirely possible the next assassin would come from Israel's left-wing.

Perry told the committee that the political atmosphere in the country was becoming increasingly tense and the division between Israelis is most apparent. He said the atmosphere of intolerance might possibly be responsible for breeding the next assassin.

Israeli Linked to Onassis Kidnapping Conspiracy

By IINS News Service
Ronen Balulu, 28, was arrested by Italian police acting on an international arrest warrant issued by the government of Switzerland. According to Italian police, Balulu is an agent of the Israeli Mossad, and is also tied to the General Security Service (GSS/Shin-Bet).

Balulu is suspected of having been involved in the conspiracy to kidnap Athena Roussel, heiress to the fortune of Aristotle Onassis. Balulu, who is married to a Canadian woman, has been abroad for about six years. He has also worked providing security for VIPs and entertainers, such as the brother of Michael Jackson. Balulu has also worked on luxury liners and provided security services for notables in the US and Europe.

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