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>Israel Faxx
>JN Nov. 7, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 205

Israel Tops All Foreign Countries in Attracting Venture Capital

Israel received more venture capital financing than any other country other than the United States for the second consecutive quarter, according to Coopers & Lybrand, the accounting and consulting firm. Ronald Maheu, chairman of Coopers & Lybrand's global high technology practice, comments that Israel offers, "a marvelous entrepreneurial risk-taking attitude. Israeli entrepreneurs exhibit strong intellect and a drive to solve unique problems."

Netanyahu Will Address Rabin Memorial Session

By IINS News Service

It has been decided that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address next week's special Knesset memorial session for Yitzchak Rabin.

Earlier this week, Labor opposition party members stated they felt, that based on his past remarks and conduct as opposition leader during the Rabin administration, Netanyahu was unfit to address the Knesset's memorial session.

The left-wing continues to blame Netanyahu for contributing to the inciteful atmosphere that led to the Rabin's assassination. Labor Party leaders have called upon the prime minister to apologize for his statements made in the past.

Maj. Gen Vilnai; "Three or Four Palestinians with Birdbrains"

By IINS News Service

Former IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Matan Vilnai stated Israel "cannot fold under the pressure of three or four Palestinians with birdbrains and the knowledge of nursery school children." Vilnai made his remarks during his address in an Eilat high school.

When Vilnai was asked about the level of IDF preparedness, he said Israel might be the only country whose very existence is still threatened. Vilnai explained that anyone in this region who is not a Muslim is not accepted. He stated the Arabs will interpret weakness as a sign for them to use force.

Arafat Called for Terror Against Israel

By IINS News Service

In a report quoting the Beirut weekly newspaper A-Shira', PLO Authority Chief Yasir Arafat was quoted calling for terror groups to attack Israeli targets.

"Yasir 'Arafat has asked some Palestinian organizations to carry out fedayeen operations against Israel but the leaders of these organizations replied: 'We do not wish to place the blood of our martyrs at the service of an authority that will sell us out at the first opportunity.'"

"When 'Arafat asked what makes them think he will sell them out, they answered: 'Abu Ammar [Arafat], you will be the first person to arrest our leaders in the West Bank and Gaza in order to be able to tell the Jews: These are the people who are fighting you.' "

"The leaders continued: 'After you release them, our heroes will become easy targets for pursuit by the Zionist security agencies. We will not hand over this opportunity to you or to them. If you want to fight Israel, you have thousands of troops, employees, and security personnel whom you can use.'"

Papon Admits Responsibility for Jewish Affairs

Accused Nazi collaborator Maurice Papon admitted Thursday he was responsible for dealing with Jews in Bordeaux when he was a senior official for the wartime Vichy regime.

Papon, 87, who denies charges he sent 1,560 Jews to Nazi death camps in 1942-1944, hesitated when confronted with a letter to the German occupation authorities naming him as the bureaucrat responsible for Jewish issues. He then acknowledged the senior French official in Bordeaux had granted him the power to sign orders about war-related issues like food and fuel supplies and "Jewish questions." The accused said in his defense: "Delegation of a signature does not mean delegation of competence."

Crime Reporter Suspected in Murder

By IINS News Service

Guy Peleg, a reporter, became a suspect in a murder case after he unknowingly dropped his identification card next to the body of a murdered Rishon L'Tzion man. A policeman asked him to present his ID as a journalist as he approached the crime scene. As he pulled out his card, his identification card apparently fell from his pocket, without him or the policeman noticing.

Police later found the ID card of the 'murderer' and immediately sent units to his home to wait for him to return. Some time after midnight, police saw the 'murderer' returning him and jumped him. They were surprised to learn that it was not Guy Peleg, but his neighbor.

Peleg realized his ID card was lost and reported it to police, as required by law. Eventually, the matter was straightened out. Peleg stated it was amazing how a reporter covering a murder case can end up being the chief suspect. Police stated that in retrospect, the detectives (who did not know Peleg) acted appropriately, considering the evidence available to them.

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