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>Israel Faxx
>JN Nov. 3, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 201

Reform Movement Rejects Interfaith Marriages

In its 64th General Assembly in Dallas, the Reform Movement's rabbis voted to reject interfaith marriages and said they would not officiate over them. The assembly also confirmed the Reform Movement's support for granting civil recognition to same-sex marriages, as was done last year.

Iraq Says it's Ready for Worst with U.S.

By IINS News Service

Iraq said it did not want a confrontation with the United States for banning American arms inspectors but was ready to face U.S. military action. Al-Shawi said Iraq did not want a confrontation with America but said "we have prepared ourselves for the worst."

United Nations weapons inspectors say that they were very close to uncovering Iraq's storehouse of VX nerve gas prior to being expelled last week. Sunday's edition of The London Observer said that a few ounces of VX could kill millions of people.

VX, which is 10 times as lethal as the nerve gas Sarin, can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin and causes death by paralysis. The Observer report said it is part of Iraq's hidden arsenal of chemical and biological weapons. The Iraqis have told the United Nations that their program was experimental and capable only of producing a few kilograms of VX.

Drugs Found at Tel Aviv McDonald's

By IINS News Service

A group of Herzliya teenagers said they were shocked when they found some syringes, used by drug addicts to shoot up, in a bathroom stall in a McDonald's in Tel-Aviv.

Roy Zohar, one of the teenagers, said that at about 2:00 a.m., he and his friends arrived at the Tel-Aviv McDonald's on the "Taiyelet." They used the bathroom and found it full of syringes and needles, and then saw several teenagers who they believed appeared under the influence of drugs. They immediately phoned police from a public phone.

According to Zohar, police arrived after about 30-minutes and one of the patrolmen told him, "There is little we can do." Zohar said the police did not even remove the syringes.

A McDonald's spokesperson stated, "In this case, as in all criminal cases, we do our utmost to cooperate with law-enforcement personnel and the case is being handled accordingly."

American Teen Remanded for 15 Days

By IINS News Service

Samuel Scheinbein, the American teenager being held in Israel, who is wanted for the murder/mutilation of another Maryland teen, was remanded Sunday by the courts, for another 15-days.

The teenager, whose name may not be published in Israel because he is a minor, is wanted in Maryland and is the subject of a US extradition order. Israeli law prohibits the extradition of an Israeli citizen to stand trial abroad. The arguments for and against his extradition are being heard by the court.

Scheinbein's lawyer, former Justice Minister David Libai stated the court's decision to extend his remand once again appears to be connected to the sensitive political issues at hand in this case, involving both Israel and the US. There have been reports that certain members of the US Congress want to withhold aid to Israel until Scheinbein is extradited.

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Smashes Stereo on Shabbat

By IINS News Service

Rabbi Raphael Bovlel, the representative of the ultra-Orthodox Shas Party in Pardes Katz, is reported to have entered the home of a non-observant neighbor, and smashed his stereo because it was playing on the Sabbath.

Many Pardes Katz residents have looked unfavorably on Shas, since it has begun the recent construction of a Chareidi (ultra-Orthodox) school in the area.

Bovlel entered the home of the non-observant family Friday evening, and smashed their stereo because it was playing on the Sabbath. A dispute erupted in the area between Sabbath-observant and non-observant residents.

King Hussein Characterizes Attack as Being Against Jordan

Jordan's King Hussein told The Washington Post that he has little trust in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, portraying Israel's recent failed assassination attempt in Amman as an "act against Jordan itself."

The King accused Netanyahu of failing to fulfil promises to his Arab negotiating partners, and pandering to extreme right-wing Israeli political factions. The monarch said that he believes that the collapse of Arab-Israeli peace negotiations can be prevented only by strong, vigorous diplomatic intervention by the United States. He told the newspaper that Washington cannot continue to merely shuttle messages back and forth between the parties.

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