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>Israel Faxx
>JN Oct. 23, 1997, Vol. 5, No, 194

Iraq has biological weapons

Iraq has a limited number of non-conventional warheads, and the ability to fire them at any moment, according to senior officials at the United Nations and in the US administration. The New York Times reported that Iraq has biological warfare capability and technical ability to launch the missiles.

Who is a Jew?

A brief aside to a revered rabbi got Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into more hot water Tuesday in a heated debate over "who is a Jew." "Leftists have forgotten what it is to be Jewish. They think they will put our security in the hands of Arabs -- that Arabs will look out for us," he told Rabbi Yitzhak Kadoori in remarks picked up by an Israel microphone over the noise of music at Kadoori's birthday party. Opposition politicians immediately condemned Netanyahu for the remarks, which dominated Israeli news reports despite insistence the comments were taken out of context.

Iran Says Nuclear Cooperation with China Peaceful

Iran has said its nuclear cooperation with China is for peaceful purposes and accused the U.S. of trying to disrupt Sino-Iranian relations. The official Iranian news agency IRNA said Foreign Ministry spokesman Mahmoud Mohammadi stressed Tuesday the peaceful nature of Sino-Iranian nuclear cooperation. On reports that China was halting cruise missile sales to Iran, Mohammadi was quoted as saying, "Iran is not planning to purchase missiles from China." China said Tuesday its nuclear cooperation with Iran had been stalled and it hoped the U.S. would ease curbs on nuclear exports to Beijing.

Rabbinical Court Rules Danny Sa'il is Dead

By IINS News Service

Among the many who came for the annual Sukkot celebration at the tomb of Babi Sali, handing out food to the travelers, was Mazel Sa'il, from Yavne.

She was especially happy after being declared a "widow" by the Chief Rabbinate after spending 21-years as an "Aguna" (The status of her husband is unknown. A woman remains married, according to Jewish law, until she receives a divorce or her husband is determined to be dead.Therefore, according to Jewish law, she is considered married and is bound to her husband). By being officially declared a widow, she is now free to remarry.

Sa'il stated despite her happiness, she was in no way happy her husband was dead, but was thankful to be a free woman.

Mr. Sa'il, born in 1931, in Iraq, married in 1953. He divorced shortly thereafter. In 1955 he emigrated to Israel. He spent time in a psychiatric facility and later enlisted in the army. He was discharged because of his mental problems. In 1970, he married again, this time to Mazel.

Due to his psychiatric history, he was unable to find employment and he became quite disgruntled. In 1970, he joined the Black Panthers, convinced that militancy was the only way to break the discrimination that existed in Israel against non-Ashkenasic Israelis. He became so extreme in his philosophy, that most of the Black Panthers distanced themselves from him.

In 1975, when the General Security Service (GSS/Shin-Bet) arrested a terror cell in Hebron headed by Dr. Abu-Hilal, a dentist from Abu Dis, the agents found ammunition and explosives. The terrorists stated they got the illegal weaponry from Mr. Sa'il and he fled the country.

In June 1976, Mazel met her husband in Madrid. Mazel stated that Danny denied any connection to the terror cell. She understood her husband was using a forged Iraqi passport, under the name of his grandfather, Solomon Sa'il. He was also in daily contact with the Iraqi Embassy. The apartment in which Danny lived was rented by the Iraqi Embassy. He also received a salary from the Iraqi Government.

In August 1976, Mazel parted ways from Danny. Mazel returned to Israel and Danny visited his brother Ovadia, who was living in Germany. During this visit, Danny was required to fly to Iraq. Ovadia accompanied Danny to the airport. He boarded the plane to Iraq and was never seen or heard from again. It was theorized that Danny was an Iraqi agent, who was killed after he "failed to deliver the goods." Mazel, who waited all these years to be declared a widow, yearned to remarry and raise a family. Her wish was not realized.

Others stated, perhaps he was a double agent and was killed by the Mossad. All speculation--no one really knows. Perhaps he is still alive in Iraq.

Assuming he may have been killed by the Mossad, Mazel petitioned the High Court of Justice last year, calling on the prime minister, director of the Mossad, and director of the General Security Service to permit her to see the file accumulated on her husband. The appeal yielded no new information.

The office of the Chief Rabbinate did its utmost to ascertain what happened to Danny. Rabbinical officials traveled to Europe and other locations, in the attempt to track down Danny.

Today, Mazel, 51, born in Tunisia, is a free woman. She is no longer married to Danny, who was 12-years her senior.

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