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>Israel Faxx
>JN Oct. 22, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 193

U.S. Report on Nazi Gold Criticizes Neutral Nations

A new U.S. government report will say that almost all the gold Nazis sent to neutral nations of Europe during World War II went through Switzerland first, a source who saw a draft of the report said Tuesday. The source said the report will examine wartime Nazi dealings with Sweden, Turkey, Spain and Portugal, while demonstrating the central role the Swiss National Bank played as middleman. The report, due out in a few weeks, was being prepared by Undersecretary of State Stuart Eizenstat, who stirred a storm in Switzerland earlier this year with a critical report on Swiss dealings with the Nazis.

Hizbullah Says Israelis are True Terrorists

The Iranian- and Syrian-backed Islamist movement Hizbullah has rejected its definition as a "terrorist group" by the US State Department, asserting it has a legitimate right to engage in what it calls "resistance" against Israel in south Lebanon.

Hizbullah said it was Israel which embodied true terrorism, through its "occupation of Palestine, south Lebanon, and the Golan; its persistence in its settlement policy; and its continuous violations of international laws, norms, conventions, and understandings."

Hizbullah criticized the US for including it, as well as the Palestinian Islamist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, on a list of 30 "terrorist" organizations. It said their inclusion proved "the hostile intentions which drive the United States to work against Arab and Muslim peoples on behalf of the racist and terrorist Zionist tendency."

Hizbullah warned against any steps resulting from the publication of the US list and predicted "dire consequences" should the Americans fall into "the trap of terrorist Zionist incitement".

Burg Warns of Major Split

By IINS News Service

Jewish Agency Chairman Avraham Burg has warned that if the proposed bill is put forward by the Orthodox parties, concerning the Reform and Conservative Movements conversions, it will create a large split among Jews worldwide that would have disastrous effects on Israel's future. Burg called upon all sides to work towards compromise and not a bill that would alienate the majority of world Jewry.

Maryland Murder Case

By IINS News Service with additional information courtesy of the Washington Post

The 17-year old suspect in the murder/mutilation case in the US, was remanded for 15-days by an Israeli court.

It was decided that Samuel Sheinbein is not an Israeli citizen and therefore, may be extradited to stand trial in the United States.

The suspect's attorney, former Minister of Justice David Libai, stated the facts in the case are not as simple as they might appear and his client is indeed an Israeli citizen.

The decision will be appealed by Libai and the extradition process will take some time, despite Israel's desire to comply with US pressure to extradite the suspect to stand trial in the US.

Libai also pointed out that this is a case of enforcing Israeli law, which prohibits the extradition of a suspect to stand trial abroad if he is a citizen, and not with compliance with US requests.

Scrupulous study of the case by State Attorney General Rubinstein has uncovered that the suspect's father applied for citizenship to Canada, and therefore, is no longer an Israeli citizen.

Sheinbein is wanted for the murder, mutilation and burning of the body of Alfredo Enrique Tello, 19.

On Sept. 19 Tello's charred and dismembered remains were discovered in the garage of a vacant home in Aspen Hill. Following a blood trail and eyewitness accounts, the police issued arrest warrants on first-degree murder charges for Sheinbein who lived around the corner, and his friend Aaron Needle, 17, of Rockville.

Needle was arrested in Greenbelt Sept. 23 and Sheinbein surfaced in Israel, where his grandmother lives. The family's lawyer would not say if Sheinbein's parents helped him escape or gave him his passport.

Sheinbein was admitted to a psychiatric hospital outside Tel Aviv after an apparent drug overdose. Before his father, patent lawyer Sol Sheinbein, flew to Israel to join his son, he appeared before a Montgomery County grand jury.

A Washington Post source said that Sol Sheinbein and his wife, Victoria, told Montgomery Circuit Court Judge DeLawrence Beard that the slaying occurred after the victim tried to hold up their son and his friend. This disclosure came away from the secret proceedings of the grand jury, sources said.

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