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>Israel Faxx
>JN Sept. 30, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 179

Israel Said to Train for War with Palestinians

Israeli troops are training for a possible all-out West Bank war with Palestinians which might involve Palestinian fighters storming Jewish settlements, Israel Radio said. The Israeli army in the past has confirmed that it has contingency plans for a major confrontation.

Rabbi Yosef Attacks Women Who Wear Wigs

By IINS News Service

Former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has published a controversial ruling attacking Orthodox women who wear wigs.

The Shas Party spiritual leader stated women who use a wig to comply with the Jewish law to cover their head "will burn in hell."

According to Orthodox Jewish religious practice, married women cover their hair as a sign of modesty. However, many Orthodox Jews believe that realistic wigs are immodest, and some wig shops catering to Orthodox women have been vandalized.

The rabbi stated that any man permitting his wife to wear a wig should be excommunicated. "If she wishes righteous children, let her remove the wig from her head," added the rabbi.

Netanyahu Security Agents Won't Have to Share Toilets

By IINS News Service

The Netanyahu family has begun packing. They are moving from the Rachel Street (in the Bet HaKerem section of Jerusalem) temporary home where they have been since Prime Minister Netanyahu was elected, to the Prime Minister's official residence in the Talbia section of Jerusalem.

The official residence underwent extensive renovations, which were to have been done during the previous administration. Among the renovations are; more advanced security devices, which have been deemed necessary by the General Security Service, the agency responsible for the security of the prime minister and other government officials. A higher wall, for added security will also surround the building.

Sara Netanyahu made sure to have extra bathrooms and lounge areas built for the GSS agents assigned to protect them. This has never been done in the past. Once the Netanyahus leave the Bet HaKerem home, it too will undergo renovations. The residence is the official residence of the foreign minister.

Wanted Murder Suspect Found in Bat Yam Hospital

By IINS News Service

A 17-year-old Washington DC teenager, Samuel Sheinbein, is wanted in the US for murder. He is suspected of being involved in the dismemberment murder of a 19-year-old. After the 19-year-old, Enrique Tello was killed, his arms and legs were cut off and his body burned beyond recognition. Dental records were used to make a positive identification.

Sheinbein was found in a Bat Yam, Israel, hospital. A second suspect was arrested in the United States, in Montgomery, Ala. Sheinbein had unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide. Police in both countries are making arrangements for his extradition.

The courts have remanded Sheinbein, after formal extradition requests were filed by American law officials. Sheinbein's brother, who is charged with helping him to make his escape from Maryland to Israel, was also remanded for 10 days. The two will be handed over to American law enforcement officials, to stand trial for their crimes in the US.

Arafat Predicts an Early Death

Yasir Arafat estimates that he will not live until his 70th birthday. Time Magazine reports that Arafat, 68, told as much to his close advisors recently. Time reports that the PLO leader's health is deteriorating, despite official denials.

Earlier, an Egyptian foreign ministry official told Reuters that Arafat fainted during a heated exchange, while Israel's Channel 2 TV reported that Arafat was stricken with a severe muscular disorder, and that a search for a successor had begun.

PA officials denied the report, claiming he was in good health.

Iranian Fighter Bombers

By IINS News Service

Iran announced it has started mass-producing its first domestically designed fighter-bomber. State-run Tehran television showed a brief video of the Azarakhsh jet in flight.

During military maneuvers completed Sunday, the plane dropped two 250-pound napalm bombs on a mock enemy target, Maj. Gen. Ali Shahbazi, the joint chief of staff, said in comments broadcast by Tehran TV.

The plane took 11 years to build and is one-eighth the cost per copy of similar foreign-made aircraft, the official Islamic Republic News Agency said.

Iran claims it is nearly self-sufficient in arms. Since 1992, it has unveiled its own tanks, armored personnel carriers and missiles.

IRNA said 200,000 troops, using live ammunition took part in the war games that ended Sunday. They were among the many large-scale military exercises that Iran conducts each year.

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