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>Israel Faxx
>JN Sept. 29, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 178

Hamas Using Internet to Broadcast Attack Instructions

By IINS News Service

The Foreign Report Weekly reports that the Hamas terror organization is using the Internet to transmit information pertaining to terror attacks.

The report states the information was confirmed by Israeli security officials. Hamas is sending maps, pictures and other details pertaining to terror attacks, using encryption methods. The General Security Service (GSS/Shin-Bet) believes most of the data is being sent to the Hamas worldwide center, located in Britain.

Negotiations with Palestinians Resume

By VOA's Nick Simeone (Washington), Mark Lavie (Tel Aviv) and Deborah Tate (Little Rock, Ark.)

Stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are expected to gain new momentum when senior officials for both sides meet at the United Nations today with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. The Middle East peace process ground to a halt in March when Israel broke ground for Jewish homes in disputed Arab east Jerusalem.

The agreement came at a Sunday Israeli Cabinet meeting. The Cabinet also agreed to release $17 million worth of tax money collected for the Palestinians. Israel held up the money as punishment for the bomb attacks. Israel is holding on to another $17 million.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he expected the meeting to lift the freeze on a variety of discussions with the Palestinians.

White House spokesman Barry Toiv says the administration hopes the meeting will build on the discussions Albright had with the parties in the region three-weeks ago, and lead to further negotiations.

Talks between Palestinians and Israelis broke down when Israel began building a new neighborhood in east Jerusalem. Palestinians have called on Israel to halt such activity, while Israel has urged the Palestinians to do more to curb terrorism.

Washington has called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to continue the Jewish housing project -- unhelpful. But US officials praised recent progress made by the Palestinians to crack down on the extremist group "Hamas." Israel has also reacted positively.

National Strike Ends in Israel

By Mark Lavie (VOA-Tel Aviv)

Israel was shut down for eight-hours Sunday by a general strike. The main labor union turned out 500,000 workers in a dispute over pensions. The union picked one of the busiest periods in the local economy to close down most services.

It is just before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, a time when Israelis traditionally make large purchases of food, gifts and appliances. But many Israelis could not get to their money -- the banks were closed. Thousands of Israelis travel abroad and thousands of tourists arrive in Israel for the holiday -- but the international airport was closed most of the day. After an eight-hour shutdown, the union suspended the strike, following a court order.

The strike was called because of a dispute involving the "Histadrut" labor union's pension fund. Before a general election last year, the union signed an agreement with the Israeli government to cover the pension fund's huge deficit. But that government lost the election and the new one says it will not honor the agreement, calling it robbing the national treasury.

10th International Daf Yomi Talmud Cycle Concludes

The conclusion of a world-wide study cycle of the Talmud, was commemorated last night in Yad Eliyahu Stadium in Tel Aviv, Madison Square Garden and Nassau Coliseum in New York, and the Cincinnati Hebrew Day School. Leading rabbis were in attendance, together with thousands of Jews who participated in the daily study sessions.

The event was broadcast live and was televised via satellite to Europe and the United States. This is the 10th time that the Talmud has been concluded by many thousands of Jews the world over, all studying the same page on the same day, since Rabbi Meir Shapiro of Lublin instituted the study cycle 73 years ago.

Only Hebrew Music on Reshet Gimmel

Voice of Israel Radio's popular rock and roll music station, Reshet Gimmel will cease broadcasting foreign-language music as of Nov. 1. The station will become a totally Hebrew channel, with a broadcasting schedule comprised of Hebrew and Israeli music of various types, talk shows and interviews.

Old-time Reshet Gimmel disc jockey Avi Etgar said, "We will now be an Israeli station... Not every popular rapper in Harlem has to receive prime-time airing with us." Popular singer Yizhar Cohen said, "This is the first step in the saving of our culture. I hope that following this, we will return to our own creations in a big way."

Krauts Reportedly Leaving Cincinnati

Israel Faxx reports exclusively that Benny and Penny Kraut may be leaving Cincinnati for Queens College in New York City. Benny Kraut, the director of the University of Cincinnati's Judaic Studies Program, and Penny Kraut, of Cincinnati Hebrew Day School, reportedly will take up residence in the New York metropolitan area by February, in time for Queens College's spring semester.

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