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>Israel Faxx
>JN Sept. 23, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 174

Israeli Security Men Attacked in Amman

By Mahmoud Zawawi (VOA-Amman) & IINS News Service

Gunmen have wounded two employees of the Israeli Embassy in Amman. Jordanian security officials said the attack occurred early Monday when two Israeli security guards were on routine inspection duty. A Jordanian security official said two attackers, believed to be Jordanian, fired from a blue car.

Israel IBA News reported the wounded Israelis were Israeli security agents assigned to the Embassy in Jordan.

Israeli Embassy spokesman Roey Gilead said the attack took place on a street some distance from the Embassy. He said the two Embassy employees were shot in the legs. Jordan's Minister of State for Information, Sameer Mutawia, expressed regret for the incident and condemned terrorism, no matter who stands behind it.

A previously unknown group called the Islamic Resistance in Jordan claimed responsibility for the attack. A statement from the group warned employees of the Israeli Embassy in Jordan to leave the country in one month.

The Director-General of King Hussein's Office, Ali Shukri, Jordanian Interior Minister Nader a-Shayad and the private secretary to Crown Prince Hassan, Samir Refa'i, visited those hospitalized after the attack.

The three Jordanian leaders expressed their regret at the attack, and informed Israel's Ambassador to Jordan, Oded Eran, that the hunt for the perpetrators is now their chief priority. The wounded are resting in good condition. There is no immediate intention to discharge them.

Acting Prime Minister Moshe Katzav has called upon Jordan to increase security for Israeli tourists in Jordan. Security around Israeli facilities and targets in Jordan has also been increased.

Milk Solution Found for Rosh Hashanah

By IINS News Service

The Office of the Chief Rabbinate reportedly found a solution to the problem of dealing with 2 million liters of milk over the three-day Rosh Hashanah and Sabbath Holiday.

Originally, the nation's milk producers stated the Chief Rabbinate's Office said the milk obtained over the three-day holiday would be spilled out. Dairy industry officials objected to this ruling, which they stated would cost NIS 7 million and asked the rabbis to find an acceptable solution within the framework of Jewish law, that was not so expensive for the dairy industry.

The Rabbinate announced that in an unprecedented move, it will permit the opening of the Tel Yosef Dairy to process milk from Thursday, the first day of Rosh Hashanah. The milk will be delivered (to Tel Yosef) and totally processed by non-Jews and following the holiday, it would be used to make powdered milk or hard cheese for export.

This year, the two-day Rosh Hashanah holiday falls on Thursday and Friday, creating a situation in which the holiday runs directly into the Sabbath. Work is prohibited on all three days, creating the dilemma for the dairy industry.

A senior dairy council official stated the solution provided by the Chief Rabbinate is a partial solution for 2 million liters and he called upon the government to make compensatory payments for the other losses that will be incurred by the industry over the holiday.

Health officials have already stated that after the holiday and Sabbath, milk that was obtained over 48-hours earlier, will not be accepted for commercial use for health reasons.

Research Points to New Oil Potential in Israel

By IINS News Service

Reports about the potential for an Israel oil discovery generated excitement at the International Conference of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists in Vienna.

Tovia Luskin, Director of Israel's Givot Olam Oil company, presented delegates with his new theory of linking Israel to the Paleozoic petroleum system of the Middle East, a concept which could signal a breakthrough in oil exploration in Israel.

Independent Dallas petroleum consultant Forrest A. Garb Associates Inc. has rated Givot Olam's prospects for finding oil as better than average.

"I Thought the Bus was Carrying Jewish Tourists"

By IIIS News Service

CAIRO -- One of the men seized by Egyptian police after the petrol bomb attack on a tourist bus in Cairo that killed 10 people said he wanted revenge against Jews for anti-Moslem slurs, a government newspaper reported.

"I thought the bus was carrying Jewish tourists, I wanted to take revenge for the Israeli who attacked the prophet Mohammed and the Koran," Saber Abu al-Ola told police, the newspaper Al Akhbar said.

Nine German tourists and their Egyptian driver were killed in an inferno sparked by a bomb attack on their bus near the Egyptian Museum in central Cairo Thursday afternoon. Seven people were seriously wounded.

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