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>Israel Faxx
>JN Sept. 11, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 167

Weizmann Chastises Albright

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

President Ezer Weizmann told Secretary of State Madeleine Albright she should pressure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make concessions. "Do you think that Begin and Sadat reached an agreement without pressure from Carter? Use your imagination... Knock their heads together [referring to Arafat and Netanyahu]."

Albright crosses from Israel into the autonomous Palestinian city of Ramallah Thursday morning, carrying a strong message for Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat.

Albright is only scheduled to be in Ramallah for a few hours, and she will be carrying a message Arafat does not want to hear -- that he is not doing enough to fight terrorism, and that he must do more, much more, before she can pressure Israel to do what he wants.

"I believe that it is very important for Chairman Arafat to be realistic about dealing with the infrastructure of the terrorist organizations, and not to try to deal in ways that obfuscate, rather than deal specifically with what is the problem here, which is the infrastructure that exists of the terrorist organizations, and that he has to deal with that very clearly."

Israel has issued a four-page list of specific steps it wants Arafat to take, including the deportation of the West Bank police chief. US officials would not say exactly what they expect, but a senior official said "We'll know it when we see it." The official, who requested anonymity, said appropriate steps would include openly sharing information with Israel on possible terrorist operations.

Palestinian officials were critical of Albright's stance, among them Cabinet member Hanan Ashrawi. "I feel that such a wholeheartedly one-sided approach that adopts the Israeli position is not going to be conducive to an even-handed approach in the peace process."

Albright also chided Israel Wednesday, saying it should do more to advance the peace process, and should stop taking steps which erode confidence. But officials say Albright expects the Palestinians to move on security first. That was pleasing Wednesday to Israeli officials, particularly Netanyahu, who held out the hope of future concessions if the Palestinian Authority really cracks down on the terrorists.

"If you are able to persuade the Palestinian Authority to wage war against the terrorists, I believe the road will be open to the continuation of the peace process to its successful conclusion. We are interested in moving that process forward, but we also understand the crucial importance of stopping the bombs from exploding."

Albright Visits Yad Vashem

By Mark Lavie (VOA-Jerusalem)

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright took time out from Middle East politics Wednesday to visit Jerusalem's memorial to the 6 Million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. It was an especially emotional moment for her.

Most dignitaries visiting Israel make the trip to Yad Vashem, a complex of museums and memorials for the Jewish victims of the Nazi plot to exterminate all the Jews of Europe.

For Albright, it was trip into her own past. She discovered just a few months ago that her own parents were originally Jewish.. And that members of her family were among the Jews killed by the Nazis, although she was brought up as a Christian.

Albright laid a wreath in the Tent of Remembrance, a stark concrete building with the names of the Nazi death camps engraved on the black floor. Her voice choking with emotion, Albright said each name is a warning for the future.

"May God grant us the wisdom and the will to recognize evil whenever we see it, to oppose intolerance whenever we confront it, to fight hate whenever we come into contact with it, and to remember, in the name of all who are memorialized here, that no one's blood is less precious than our own. I pay tribute to the people of Israel for remembering at Yad Vashem. I know I will never forget my visit."

Five Million Liters of Milk to be Thrown Away

Rosh Hashanah connects to the Sabbath this year and the Chief Rabbinate has ordered dairy farmers that about 5 million liters of milk must be thrown away. Because of problems involved with transporting the milk, the rabbinate maintain there is no way to save it without violating the laws of the holiday or the Sabbath, which would render the milk unfit for use in the kosher market.

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