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>JN Sept. 10, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 166

Israeli-Arab Town Names Street After Arab Marauder

By Arutz-7

Regional Council Kafr Kara, in the area known as the Triangle between Samaria and the Jezre'el Valley, has decided to name one of its streets in honor Izaddin el-Kassam, leader of the Arab bands of marauders of the 1930s. This is a name that Hamas terrorists have also taken for themselves. Interior Minister Eli Suissa has condemned the decision taken by the Islamic movement-led Regional Council.

Albright Arrives in Israel Wednesday

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is due in the Middle East Wednesday for her first foray into that region and its troubled peace process since she took office early this year. The first stop is a three-day visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, where bombings by Palestinian militants, and an Israeli halt to implementation of existing agreements, have created one of the worst crises of the last four years of peacemaking.

For Israel the target is security, as stated again Tuesday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "Madeleine Albright is coming here as a welcome guest, a much welcome guest with, I think, a clear understanding that in this situation, security is the key to peace."

The Palestinian Autonomy Authority essentially says the opposite -- that peace is the key to security ... as explained by Authority spokesman Marwan Kanafani. "To reduce these events and actions, I think that the entire dimensions of the peace process, mainly the political, should be discussed."

That is diplomatic jargon for Israeli troop withdrawals on the West Bank and other Israeli steps required by existing agreements -- steps the palestinian authority says would reduce support for the terrorists and make it easier to stop them. The Authority says it can not provide Israel with 100 percent security, and it can not even approach that goal unless Palestinians feel that the peace process is moving forward.

Netanyahu offered a rare and limited bit of sympathy for that view Tuesday, but he said the militants themselves will not be impressed with any Israeli concessions, and a Palestinian security crackdown is still needed. "It is true that progress in the peace process will also alleviate some of the pressures, but essentially the terrorists are not interested in peace, and they're not interested in achieving it or scuttling it. They're interested in destroying Israel."

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process boils down to a series of Israeli troop withdrawals in return for Palestinian assurances of Israeli security from attacks by militant groups. Since the first Israeli-Palestinian agreement was signed at the White House -- four years ago this week -- it has always been a troubled bargain. At virtually every stage, each side has accused the other of not doing enough, and sometimes the process has stalled as a result.

That is the current situation, with the breakdown compounded by issues such as Israeli settlement building and the alleged harboring of terrorists by the Palestinian Authority.

Last Friday, in the wake of the two recent Jerusalem bombings, Israel's Cabinet formalized the terms for ending the impasse. It said it will authorize further withdrawals only when it is satisfied the Palestinian Authority is delivering on its security commitments.

In her meetings in Jerusalem and on the West Bank, Albright will hear very different proposals from the Israelis and the Palestinians on how to move forward, and her aides are saying dramatic results are not likely.

But it is possible she could convince the two sides to adopt both ideas -- a security crackdown alongside resumption of the peace process. The precise timing of the first steps by the two sides, and the content of the next moves Israel would have to make under existing agreements, will be difficult to work out -- perhaps impossible to work out fully over the next three days. But making a start down that road could be a realistic hope for the secretary's trip, and even that is by no means assured.

Memorial Lights Cause Blaze

By IINS News Service

Two female IDF soldiers who lit memorial candles in memory of the commandos killed Friday in Lebanon, were hospitalized due to burns sustained from a fire that broke out from the memorial candles.

The two, in an IDF base in the Golan Heights, lit candles and went to bed. The candles ignited a blaze and a short time afterwards, the room was ablaze. The two were admitted to Ziv Hospital in Tzfat (Safed) and are being treated for smoke inhalation.

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