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>Israel Faxx
>JN Sept. 4, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 162

Libya: "Diana Killed by British Intelligence"

The death in a motor accident of the Princess of Wales has prompted bizarre conspiracy rumors in the Muslim world. A newspaper commentator in Cairo's main paper, Al-Ahram, suggested the crash was no accident and that Diana was killed by British intelligence because the establishment couldn't tolerate her relationship with a Muslim.

The claims have been repeated by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and a "Libyan human rights commission." The Libyan news agency JANA said the National Commission for Human Rights in the Great Jamahiriyah said the plot was "incompatible with human rights and expressing a racist and anti-Semitic stance." The group says the "crime...reveals the reality of the Western civilization. Only children believe that it was an accident."

Albright Gets Ready for Middle East Trip

By Ron Pemstein (VOA-State Department)

At the State Department, representatives of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with U.S Middle East mediator Dennis Ross to discuss topics for Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's trip to Israel next week.

Israel still wants to talk about security. Albright hopes to discuss reviving confidence between Israel and the Arabs and not to spend her whole time negotiating security issues.

However, after a four-hour meeting with Ross, the American mediator, Israel's Danny Naveh told reporters the Palestinians have not done enough to fight terrorism.

"We believe there is still much more to do in terms of the Palestinian obligations to prevent further violence and terrorism in the area and we believe it is crucial that they will take these measures and they will take these steps in terms of fighting terrorism if we want to see further progress in the peace process."

Israelis Arrest U.S. Construction Manager

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Two Palestinians and an American have been arrested in the Israeli-controlled part of Hebron, after a confrontation involving Israeli settlers, a Palestinian construction crew and Israeli police.

In Hebron, Palestinian workers were renovating one of the main roads in front of an Israeli settler compound, when settlers tried to block their path and threw stones at them. The manager of the US funded project, David Moorhead, told reporters one settler also fired an air rifle, breaking a window on the cab of a power shovel, while police did nothing to stop them. He said it was the sixth time this has happened.

The Palestinian driver of the shovel was arrested for allegedly throwing pieces of broken glass at the settlers. A police spokeswoman says Moorhead was arrested for allegedly cursing police and interfering with their duties. Police were also seeking the settlers who allegedly threw stones.

The construction is part of a project to reopen the street to Palestinian traffic for the first time in nearly four years. It is part of the Israeli-Palestinian agreement on Hebron, but Israeli settlers in the town oppose it, saying plans to reopen the street to Palestinians would endanger them.

Meanwhile, Israel arrested seven Palestinian brothers in a village near Bethlehem for allegedly making timers for explosive devices. The brothers operated a refrigerator repair shop. Last month, Israel discovered what it says was a bomb factory in another village in the Bethlehem area. Officials say the brothers were not connected to the Jerusalem market suicide bombing a month ago.

Female Soldier Thrown Off Egged Bus in Gaza

By IINS News Service

The IDF is investigating an incident in which an Egged bus driver threw an IDF female lieutenant of this bus in the Gaza area because she was short NIS 8.

The officer boarded the bus in Gaza. After several minutes, she realized she had forgotten her wallet. He friend had NIS 10 which she took but was still short NIS 8. The driver told her to get off the bus immediately, in the Gaza area, contrary to IDF regulations.

Although armed with her IDF-issued weapon, IDF soldiers are prohibited from hitchhiking in the Gaza area.

Despite obvious safety hazards, the driver threw her off the bus. She stood on the side of the road for 30 minutes until she got a ride with someone else.

The officer also told the driver that at her destination, there is an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) next to the bus stop and she would immediately take out the money and pay the NIS 8 upon her arrival. He refused to accommodate her.

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