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>Israel Faxx
>JN Aug. 22, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 154

Hitler Wanted to Kill Allied POWS

In the last days of World War 2, Adolf Hitler wanted to

"exterminate" hundreds of thousands of Allied prisoners of war, according to newly discovered evidence. Even though top Nazis opposed Hitler's plan, he might have done it had the war lasted three more months, according to a recently discovered Allied interrogation of Luftwaffe head Hermann Goering. In the final months of the war the Nazis had more than 200,000 U.S. and other Allied POWS on the western front and more than a million Russian POWS.

State Department to Arafat: Keep Your Mouth Shut

By Ron Pemstein (VOA-State Department)

The State Department has told Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat to be careful about what he says and does while repeating administration confidence that he remains committed to the peace process with Israel.

The picture of Arafat being embraced by the leader of the militant group Hamas has caused the State Department to warn him to be careful about his words. After originally saying Arafat's actions against terrorism are more important than words, State Department spokesman James Rubin now says the images are important too.

"We believe that the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad are the enemies of peace and we don't think that any of the leaders of the region who are partners in the search for peace should leave any doubt that there is a tolerance for violence or terror."

Non-Jewish New Immigrant from Russia Deported

By IINS News Service

A non-Jewish new immigrant from Russia was served with deportation papers after he divorced his Jewish wife. Officials in the Ministry of Interior stated the man, who came to Israel with his wife seven years ago, falsified documentation and that is why he was told he must leave the country at this time.

The two divorced but remained in the same apartment for some time after. The wife, Rina, who leaves on a Bituach Leumi pension, because she is a victim of the Chernobyl accident prior to coming to Israel, has officially changed her status to "divorced." The husband, Gabi, never bothered so his ID card still lists him as being married.

The couple, who have two children, decided to remarry after Gabi was told he must leave. Now, they cannot because he is listed as still being married and she is divorced.

The family stated that Gabi is an excellent father and has received commendations from his place of employment as an outstanding worker since his arrival in Israel. Gabi stated he hopes someone in the Interior Ministry will understand he is an Israeli citizen, a loving father of two sons, and does not want to leave Israel.

In response, the Interior Ministry Spokesperson stated that Gabi was permitted into Israel as the spouse of a Jewish woman. The Ministry learned that since March 1984, he was divorced, prior to coming to Israel.

Hospital Ordered to Pay AIDS Patient NIS 300,000

By IINS News Service

A prostitute dying of AIDS was awarded a settlement of NIS 300,000 because she was never told 6 years ago, she was HIV positive. She is said to be in the advanced stage of the illness and is not expected to live long.

A Tel-Aviv District Court found the Ichilov Hospital negligent for never informing her of her illness and ordered the hospital and Health Ministry to make compensatory payments to the mother of a 10-year-old boy. The judge ruled on the case quickly after learning the defendant was only expected to live several days.

Hizbullah Acquires Long-Range Katyusha Rockets

By IINS News Service

According to Brig. Gen. Oded Ben-Ami, Hizbullah has acquired long-range Katyusha rockets capable of striking out at Israel's northern communities from Lebanon. According to Ben-Ami, the rockets are being supplied to Hizbullah by Iran. Ben-Ami explained the standard Katyusha rockets have a range of about 13 miles and the new long-range rockets has a range of 24 miles.

Israel Skyship

By IINS News Service

Israel Skyship will be the first commercial airship to fly in the Middle East according to its designer Uri Shamir. With a length of 59 meters and a height of over 20 meters, the Skyship will be an effective highly visible platform for advertisers. Up to 13 passengers (and two pilots) will be able to fly in first class comfort in the roomy gondola and view the surroundings through panoramic windows as the Skyship cruises at a speed of about 30 km/hr at an altitude of approximately 700 meters.

Israel Cuts Telephone Rates to U.S.

Bezeq International announced Thursday it will be lowering

rates on telephone calls to several countries, chiefly the US. The new per-minute cost of a call to the US is NIS 0.61 (about 17 cents a minute). The price does not include VAT and is part of Bezeq International's "A Tariff for You" program. The company said it would announce reduced rates to other countries within the coming days.

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