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>Israel Faxx
>JN Aug. 20, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 152

Children of Israeli Immigrants to U.S to Serve in IDF

A new unit of children of Israeli immigrants to the United States will soon join the Israel Defense Forces. The unit of 33 boys and girls arrived in Kibbutz Ashdot Ya'akov, which will serve as their host throughout their military service in Israel. The new unit was formed by the Israeli Scouts in cooperation with the Aliya Department of the Jewish Agency and the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Hizbullah Rockets Hit Northern Israel

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israel's prime minister talked tough after a rocket attack Tuesday on northern Israel by Lebanese terrorists, but did not immediately order the airstrikes that have become the traditional response in such cases.

The army says about 40 rockets slammed into northern Israel Tuesday morning, most of them landing harmlessly in farm fields but some hitting buildings, including some homes. In one house, in the large town of Qiryat Shemona, a baby's bedroom was severely damaged, but the baby and family were out of town. In all, three Israelis were injured.

The Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorist group Hizbullah claimed responsibility. The attack apparently came in retaliation for a rocket attack Monday on the Lebanese port city of Sidon, a Hizbullah stronghold. That attack was launched by one unit of Israel's Lebanese militia ally, the South Lebanon Army, in retaliation for a roadside bombing that Hizbullah carried out earlier Monday. The bombing killed two teenage children of a militia commander.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu interrupted his family vacation to visit northern Israel Tuesday and said Israel will not tolerate attacks on its territory. But he also indicated he does not want the dispute between the two Lebanese factions to spiral out of control.

"We shall judge our options. Obviously, we don't seek an escalation, but equally we can't accept this as a way of life. And we have a simple principle: If there is quiet on the Israeli side of the border, there'll be quiet on the Lebanese side of the border. And one can draw the opposite conclusion as well."

Netanyahu called Tuesday's shelling a "very grave" violation of the cease-fire understanding brokered by the United States after the Israeli offensive in Lebanon in April of last year. That understanding bars attacks on civilians. Netanyahu said Israel will not tolerate such attacks, and he called on Lebanon and Syria to rein in Hizbullah. "The Syrian government and the Lebanese government must exercise control over Hizbullah. It's in their interest, not only in our interest, that they do so."

Thousands of northern Israeli residents spent part of Tuesday in bomb shelters, but most emerged in the afternoon, amid hopes that this particular phase of Lebanon's tit-for-tat terrorist war might be over.

Many Nazi-Era Physicians Experimented on Jews

By Kyle King (VOA-Bonn)

The author of a new book says many Nazi-era German medical doctors who survived the war were once involved in cruel experiments on humans.

In his new book titled "Auschwitz: The Nazi Doctors and Their Victims," author Ernst Klee says hundreds of German doctors were involved in medical experiments on humans.

In an interview with German television, Klee said the elite of the medical profession was involved in the experiments, which formed the basis of their careers.

After the war, Klee says many of those same doctors quickly began working at German pharmaceutical firms, hospitals and universities. Others, he says, went to the United States to continue their medical careers.

Klee says few doctors went on trial after the war because initially there was little evidence of the inhumane experiments. In some cases, he says, concentration camp prisoners were injected with deadly viruses or subjected to amputations. Klee says one doctor, who he did not name, cut off the legs of female concentration camp victims and now works at a German drug company.

The most notorious Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele, carried out a variety of gruesome experiments on twins and gypsies at the Auschwitz death camp. He is believed to have fled to Argentina after the war, and lived there until his death in the 1970s.

Israel Entertaining Paid Entry to Major Cities

By IINS News Service

As the new Trans-Israel Highway moves ahead, government officials are also deciding just how to tackle the increasing motor vehicle congestion in major cities around Israel. A proposed plan would require motorists to affix an electronic chip on the front windshield of an automobile. This smart chip would be read by detectors placed at the entrances to major cities nationwide.

A fee will be charged as a car enters into the city. The fee will be considerably higher during the peak morning hours in an attempt to persuade motorists to travel during the off-peak hours and thereby reduce congestion. Once a month, motorists would receive a bill in the mail with an explanation of the month's activities and charges.

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