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>Israel Faxx
>JN Aug. 18, 1997. Vol. 5, No.150

Hizbullah World Wide Web Site

By IINS News Service

A picture of an IDF soldier holding a decapitated Arab boy is shown on the new home page of the Hizbullah terror organization. The Hizbullah site is called "resistance" in Arabic and can be found at

Arafat Rejects Israel Conditions

By Patricia Golan (VOA-Jerusalem)

Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat has rejected Israeli demands to crack down on militants in the aftermath of July's double suicide attack. Arafat says he is ready to cooperate with Israel on security issues, but he will not be dictated to.

Under the arrangement worked out by US envoy Dennis Ross to revive security coordination, Arafat is supposed to crack down on Islamic militants, and destroy their infrastructure. And Israel is supposed to release millions of dollars in Palestinian tax revenues.

Arafat appealed Saturday to the international community to force Israel to lift the restrictions it imposed on Palestinian areas after the bombings. After last month's Jerusalem attacks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sealed off the West Bank and Gaza Strip and halted financial transfers.

An adviser to Netanyahu says before Israel eases the economic sanctions it wants Palestinians to take concrete steps to fight terrorism.

Arafat blasted Israel for freezing financial transfers, calling it an attempt to steal money from the Palestinian people. He said continuation of the blockade could result in famine and shortages of medicine. "(This is a) very difficult situation because Netanyahu and his government are breaching for what had been signed and what had been agreed upon."

Arafat say he rejects any dictates or conditions, and will convene a Palestinian "national unity" forum this week -- including opponents of Israeli-PLO peace accords -- to discuss the peace crisis.

PA officials have also stated they will strike back against Israel's sanctions and a prohibition of all Israeli manufactured goods will be put into effect.

Graves of Children from Yemen Empty

By IINS News Service

Four families of Yemenite origin whose children disappeared in the 1950s, after arriving in Israel, opened the graves of their children and found them empty. For years, many members of Israel's Yemenite community have been insisting their loved ones were kidnapped and sold for adoption by health and governmental officials in the 1950s.

Many persons in Israel and abroad have been fighting to uncover the truths of the missing Yemenite children. One such organization, The Yemenite Jewish Federation of America, has worked to uncover the actions of officials in the 1950s. The Federation has already documented many cases in which infants were kidnapped, officially listed in Israeli record books as dead, and then sold in the West for large sums.

Auschwitz Committee Calls for Closing Riefenstahl Exhibit

By IINS News Service

The Auschwitz Committee in Germany has called for the closure of an exhibition of photographs by Leni Riefenstahl -famed for her film of the 1936 Olympics and infamous for Hitler propaganda movies of the same era.

A lawyers' office has also protested over the exhibition that was scheduled to open Friday at the Schlueter Gallery in the St Georg district of the northern city of Hamburg.

The commercial exhibition will be the first ever in post-World War 2 Germany by the 94-year-old photographer, who is internationally acknowledged for the Olympics film and later photographs of Sudanese tribes. It will show more than 50 of Riefenstahl's pictures and runs until September 14.

Riefenstahl directed the 1936 propaganda film "Triumph of the Will" about Adolf Hitler, and later brought out the film Olympia - Pest der Voelker (Olympic Games) after months of cutting and editing. She went on to produce books of studies including two of Sudanese tribes - "People of Kau" and "Last of the Nuba" - and, after learning to dive at the age of 72, a series of underwater coral studies.

Hugo Boss Confronted With Nazi Past

By IINS News Service

German fashion designer and clothing manufacturer, Hugo Boss AG, has suddenly been confronted by revelations of its contribution to power dressing during a decidedly unfashionable era.

The firm announced it was considering appointing a company historian to look into its Nazi past after it was revealed it had been the Third Reich's tailor - making the uniforms for SA storm troopers, the Hitler youth, the German army and the collection worn by the Fuhrer's elite Nazi SS guard.

According to the revelations, contained in Austria's Profil news magazine, Hugo Boss, which was established in 1923, used forced labor from Nazi death camps along with French and Polish prisoners of war to make the uniforms which became one the lasting images of Hitler's 13-year reign.

According to Profil magazine's account of Hugo Boss' history, the company was saved from bankruptcy after its founder, Hugo Boss joined the Nazi Party in 1931 and began fitting out the party and the groups making up its machine.

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