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>Israel Faxx
>JN Aug. 14, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 149

Intelligence Reports Warn of Another Terrorist Attack

By IINS News Service

Officials in the intelligence community have published information that there is a high probability that another terrorist attack will be attempted in the coming days.

All security forces are remaining on increased alert and the closure remains in effect in a limited capacity as officials work to apprehend those involved before they can carry out their plan.

During his visit Wednesday with King Hussein of Jordan, the prime minister told the king that intelligence reports point to an attempt at a terror attack is likely in the coming days.

Despite the semi-closure, Israeli officials are aware of the fact that tens of Arabs living in PA autonomous areas are coming across the checkpoints into Israel illegally daily.

Tuesday, Channel 2 TV News crews filmed Arab workers as they bypassed the IDF checkpoint from Bethlehem to the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, and were then picked up by their Israeli employers.

Assad; "Netanyahu is an Enemy of Peace"

By IINS News Service

In an address to a visiting delegation of Israeli members of Knesset, Syrian President Hafez al-Assad said he wanted to keep his option open vis-‡-vis a peace accord with Israel.

Assad stated that "Netanyahu speaks every day of peace but does everything to prevent it. He is an enemy of peace." He said Syria wants a comprehensive peace with Israel, which was moving along until "Netanyahu stopped it."

"I fell in love with Assad," Arab Labor Party Knesset member Salah Tareef told reporters. Tareef insists that Assad is a "warm and friendly leader who is waiting for peace."

Netanyahu Meets King Hussein in Aqaba

By Douglas Roberts (VOA-Cairo)

Jordan has again urged Israel to ease restrictions on Palestinians that were imposed after the July 30 terrorist bombings in Jerusalem. King Hussein made the appeal during talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Red Sea port of Aqaba. King Hussein said the Middle East is passing through what he called a dangerous moment. And he urged all sides to halt actions that jeopardize the peace process. His foreign minister, Fayez al-Tarawneh, made it clear the Jordanian monarch was referring mostly to the Israeli clampdown on the Palestinian territories in the wake of the latest suicide bombing in Jerusalem.

At a news conference after Wednesday's talks, Netanyahu gave no sign of an early end to the crackdown. He said Israel wants to see the Palestinians fulfill their commitment to combat terrorism. And as steps are taken in that direction, he added, Israel will ease the restrictions accordingly.

Germans Express Shock at Gestapo HQ

By Kyle King (VOA-Cologne)

Another page from the murderous history of the once feared Nazi secret police has gone on display at an unusual new museum in the German city of Cologne. From the outside of the modest five-story building, there is no sign of the horrors that once took place at the regional headquarters of Hitler's secret police, the Gestapo.

But inside the new museum and documentation center, the history of the headquarters and those who worked and died there is on display for all to see. From old barely audible recordings of Adolph Hitler's ravings about the Jews to cramped cells where prisoners were tortured and executed, visitors can see grizzly reminders of Nazi methods.

Between 1935 and 1945, the building, known as the Elde House, served as the Gestapo headquarters for the Central Rheinland region and as a prison and interrogation center.

Following the war -- which the building somehow managed to survive -- the bodies of several victims of Nazi justice were found in the courtyard along with the gallows where many others are believed to have been killed. In the basement of the building, behind rows of heavy wood and metal doors, are the dark and cramped cells where prisoners were held.

On the walls of the cells more than 1,800 inscriptions, poems, pleas, and letters, many scratched with pieces of coal, chalk, or nails have been carefully preserved. One letter from a young French girl to her mother says, "I don't know why I'm here, I haven't done anything. But they have already held me for 15 days, and I can only pray that somehow I will get out of this terrible place."

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