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>Israel Faxx
>JN Aug. 11, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 146

Survivors to Receive Stolen Gold

Six tons of looted Nazi gold for European central banks will instead go to individual Holocaust survivors, sources said. They said the decision is expected to be approved at a two-day 25-nation December conference in London. The six tons of gold, worth $68 million, are the last of 377 tons captured by the Allies from the Nazis at the end of World War 2. Two tons are stored at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York and four tons at the Bank of England in London.

Syria-Iran Alliance "Potentially Hazardous"

Israeli defense officials regard the rapprochement between Syria and Iran as "potentially hazardous" to Israel, Ma'ariv reports. Syrian President Hafez al-Assad's recent visit to Tehran, and friendly talks with Iran's new President Mohammad Khatami have been viewed with concern. Hopes that Khatami is more moderate than his predecessor, Hashemi Rafsanjani, have been dashed.

"The defense establishment's main concern stems from President al-Assad's endeavor -- stepped up during his Tehran visit -- to expand the Syrian-Iranian alliance by including additional countries," Ma'ariv reports.

"According to the defense sources, al-Assad seeks to build an anti- Israeli strategic alliance that will include Iraq and Egypt as well, and this objective was the reason for President Mubarak's unscheduled visit to Damascus, on the eve of President al- Assad's departure for Tehran.

The strengthening alliance between Iran and Syria is seen as an attempt to provide a counterbalance to the Israeli-Turkish strategic alliance.

Al-Ittihad (Abu Dhabi) reported earlier this month that, according to "ranking political sources", the establishment of a regional bloc, supported by Syria and Iran, "remains one of the available political options to restore Arab rights, particularly the Syrian Golan Heights and southern Lebanon.

"The sources also noted that the two sides did not rule out Iran's support for a lightning military operation to be carried out by the Syrian forces to liberate the Golan.

Near-Tragedy in IAF Base

By IINS News Service
Two 13-years-old who stated they were "bored" managed to get into the Israel Air Force base in Machanayim, last week. They tried getting into a warehouse in which spare plane parts are kept. They were spotted by a sentry who chased after them. The two ran onto a runway and were almost hit by a light plane taking off. The sentry was said to have miraculously saved their lives by getting them out of the way the last second before being hit by the plane's wheels.

The incident caused quite an uproar in senior IAF circles, since the two teenagers managed to get into an air force base and walk around for quite some time prior to being detected.

Hollinger's Talks With Jerusalem Report Magazine Stalled

By IINS News Service

Discussions about Hollinger Inc. possibly buying into the Jerusalem Report magazine have frozen," the magazine's editor in chief, Hirsh Goodman, said.

Bloomberg had reported that Canada's largest newspaper company and the magazine, which covers Jewish affairs worldwide, were in discussions. Hollinger, parent of the Jerusalem Post, Israel's English language daily, wanted to buy the whole magazine, Goodman told Bloomberg.

The stalled talks come as the Post faces a new potential competitor: a joint venture between the International Herald Tribune and the Hebrew-language daily Haaretz. The Paris-based IHT, will begin printing at Haaretz's facilities for same-day delivery in the coming weeks. Currently the publication is on newsstands one day late.

The Tribune, jointly owned by the media companies Washington Post Co. and New York Times Co., will include in its edition here a cross-section of Ha'aretz's articles translated into English.

Goodman, 51, founded the twice-monthly magazine, which now in its seventh year. It has a paid circulation of nearly 50,000 in 74 countries, predominantly in North America, and revenue of about $4 million a year. One-fifth of its readers are in Israel. The magazine employs about 40 people full time.

The Report has spent $200,000 on a new system to enable it to produce full color pages, probably beginning in October. On the advertising front, Goodman said the magazine has always done well in Israel. This year, for the first time, the magazine is seeing a profitable return on its efforts to sell ads in the U.S. However, overall, the magazine is not yet profitable.

Goodman is a former Israel correspondent for the Times of London and was a defense correspondent for the Jerusalem Post. The magazine is owned by Daniel Abrams of New York, Richard Pratt of Australia, Stephen Florsheimer of Switzerland, Jonathan Kolber and Charles Bronfman.

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