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>Israel Faxx
>JN July 28, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 136

Former Vermont Governor's Mom on Swiss List

By VOA's Victor Beattie (Washington), Lisa Schlein (Geneva)

The US Ambassador to Switzerland who has pressured Swiss bankers to make public a list of more than 1,700 World War 2-era accounts, has found her mother's name on the list. Ambassador Madeleine Kunin plans to go through the normal filing procedures in search of more information:

Kunin, who is Jewish, says she learned Friday her mother's name, Renee May, was among the names on the list. Swiss bankers have been under growing international pressure to make public the assets of Holocaust victims for the benefit of rightful heirs.

The ambassador's mother died in Vermont in 1970. The ambassador, who fled switzerland for the United States with her mother and brother in 1940, is surprised by the development and plans to seek more information.

It remains unclear how much money is in the May account. The total in those accounts made public last Wednesday was estimated at $42 million.

The search of the Swiss bank accounts began with US Senate hearings resulting in an independent audit conducted by former Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Paul Volcker.

Jewish groups in Switzerland say they are not surprised to see the names of Nazis on the list of dormant accounts which Swiss banks published. The groups say they believe further investigations into secret accounts will reveal the names of more Nazi account holders.

The vice president of the Swiss Federation of Jewish communities, Thomas Lyssy, says there have always been rumors that leading Nazis deposited money in secret Swiss bank accounts during the war. Therefore, he says he is not surprised to see several names on the list of pre-1945 account holders.

The Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Center has identified eight members of Hitler's regime on the list of unclaimed accounts. They include Willy Bauer, an aide to Adolf Eichman, and Heinrich Hoffman, one of Hitler's aides. The Wiesenthal center has given the Swiss banks a list of 334 Nazis it believes deposited money in Switzerland.

Swiss banks said more than 100,000 people looked up an Internet site with names of dormant account holders -- and possible Holocaust victims -since it was opened Wednesday, and thousands have called contact offices. The names were also published in 27 newspapers worldwide.

Etzion Arrested at Temple Mount

By IINS News Service

The head of the Chai Vekaiyam organization, Yehuda Etzion, was arrested Sunday along with two colleagues, for attempting to go onto the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to pray. Last week, in an unprecedented ruling, a Jerusalem Magistrate's Court judge granted Etzion permission to pray on the Mount, providing he did not wear any religious articles that were visible (prayer shawl, phylacteries etc.) and he must pray silently [without moving his lips]. The Court also ruled the police may cancel the permit to pray if they feel it will lead to violence.

As has been the case in the past, limited numbers of Jews are granted permission to go on the Mount, (but not to pray). Police told Etzion and his colleagues they may not go onto the Mount fearing a violent Arab reaction.

In an interview with IINS, Etzion stated he will continue to fight until Jews are permitted freedom of worship in the State of Israel. He also pointed out that this discriminatory practice by Israel police would not be tolerated by Jewish communities anywhere else in the free world.

Following Arab riots and attacks upon Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall, many critics have asked why even when Arabs stone-throwers attack Jews from above on the Temple Mount site, police moved in and forced Jews to leave [the Western Wall] while Arabs continue to occupy the Temple Mount site with impunity.

Etzion stated this is a policy of anti-Semitism and religious discrimination that will not be tolerated and he and his followers will not be deterred by police.

Saddam's Son Kills Woman

By IINS News Service

Reports say Uday Hussein, son of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, has killed a young woman after a failed attempt to have sex with her. The Sunday Times of London reports Uday then paid off the woman's family with $700, an Oldsmobile and a promise of $50 a month if they remained silent about her death.

According to Iraqi opposition sources, the 33-year-old Uday saw Asil Salman Mansour walking along a Baghdad street and ordered his guards to bring her to the presidential palace. When he was unable to seduce her, he became enraged and shot her to death.

The oldest son of the Middle East dictator is thought to be deeply depressed by the realization he is unlikely to recover from wounds suffered last December when gunmen fired 10 bullets into his legs and spine, leaving his left leg partially paralyzed.

Uday has a history of violence, beginning at age 24 when he beat to death his father's elderly servant. He recently shot to death one of his own bodyguards and ordered members of the Iraqi national football team be beaten on the soles of their feet for losing a World Cup match to Kazakhstan.

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