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>Israel Faxx
>JN July 26, 1997, Vol. 5, No, 134

10 Hurt in Jaffa Stabbing Attack

An Israeli Arab man attacked 10 British and Canadian tourists, most of them Jewish teenagers, Tuesday evening in Old Jaffa, stabbing two and lightly injuring eight others.

Police said the 32-year-old man, a resident of Nazareth, drove into a group of 40 British teenagers who arrived here yesterday on a Jewish Agency summer program and then got out of his car and stabbed a youth and his mother, from Toronto, who were sitting at a sidewalk restaurant.

The man was apprehended by a passing Israeli border control guard, Daniel Konson, who said: "The driver got out holding a sword and a commando knife and went towards the civilians and tried to stab a number and succeeded."

Israel Radio reported the man was known to police as a Hamas supporter and an activist in extremist organizations.

Germany Wants Italy to Extradite Priebke

By VOA's Kyle King (Bonn) & Greg Flakus (Los Angeles)

German Justice Ministry officials say they will continue to seek the extradition of former Nazi SS officer Erich Priebke, who, Tuesday, was convicted of war crimes in Italy. German prosecutors say an Italian court's conviction of Priebke, 83, is not the end of the case as far as Germany is concerned.

Justice Ministry officials say Germany still wants Italy to extradite Priebke and former German army Maj. Karl Hass, who also was convicted of war crimes.

An Italian military court sentenced Priebke to five years in jail for his role in the killing of 335 civilians in a cave near Rome in 1944. The court ordered the release of the 85-year-old Hass because of mitigating circumstances and time already served. Prosecutors had asked for life terms for the two men.

Leaders of the Nazi-hunting movement in the United States are reacting with guarded enthusiasm.

The dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, Rabbi Marvin Hier, told reporters that, while it is good to see Priebke brought to justice, he is concerned that the war criminal may not serve his full sentence. Hier said that under the Italian justice system, which takes into account time served while waiting for trial, the former Gestapo officer could be released after little more than a year.

"If at the end of 15 months, a man like Erich Priebke walked free, I would consider that to be quite outrageous and that would be a mockery of justice. So, we have urged the justice minister in Italy to make certain that the full sentence of the law is applied of 15 years. Even 15 years is an act of compassion when you are talking of a criminal of that nature."

Hier said that Priebke, by his own admission, had helped shoot 335 Italian men and boys in retaliation for a partisan attack on German troops. The 1944 massacre in caves just outside of Rome was the worst atrocity to take place in Italy during World War 2. Some people in Italy have called for mercy for Priebke because of his advanced age, but Hier said they should demand the same justice for old murderers as they do for young murderers.

Swiss Bank List on Web is Hit and Miss

By Lisa Schlein (VOA-Geneva)

Swiss banks have published a list of names of people -- including many possible victims of the Holocaust -- who deposited money in secret Swiss bank accounts before 1945. The Swiss banks placed advertisements in newspapers in 27 countries around the world -- in an effort to locate the depositors or heirs of dormant accounts.

This is the first time the banks have taken such direct action to try to locate the depositors or their heirs. More than 2,000 names and details of accounts opened by foreigners before the end of World War 2 are on the list. In October, the Swiss banks plan to publish a second, longer list of pre-1945 Swiss account holders. That list is expected to include the names of people who acted as agents for Jews who were afraid to open bank accounts in their own names.

The WWW URL for Wednesday's list is

The secretary-general of the World Jewish Congress, Israel Singer, also said he welcomes Swiss efforts to return money deposited in the banks to their rightful owners. But, he says the issue is not about money.

Singer says the survivors on the list are on average 80 years old. He says they have been waiting for 50 years to receive compensation for all the suffering they endured. Singer urged the banks to expedite the matter of the secret Holocaust accounts quickly.

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