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>Israel Faxx
>JN June 30, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 117

Former Israelite Reporter Honored

The American Jewish Press Association has honored former American Israelite reporter Aaron London with its Simon Rockower Award for Excellence in Jewish Journalism. London took first place for Excellence in Spot News Reporting in a category devoted to newspapers with less than 15,000 circulation. He won for "Muhammad Tours Hillel."

Government to Block Anti-Missionary Bill

By SNS News Service

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to work to block a bill that would outlaw the distribution of proselytizing materials given out by missionaries.

It has been reported that earlier this month, the prime minister promised the Christian "Friends of Israel" organization that he would block the bill. The bill called for a one year jail term for those distributing offensive missionary materials.

Christian messianic organizations protested to the prime minister, Knesset speaker and other government officials over the proposed bill. Among the opponents of the bill was United States Senator Jesse Helms. Many Americans stated the bill was contrary to their beliefs concerning freedom of religion.

Tel Aviv Court Rules Father Must Make Compensation

By SNS News Service

A Tel Aviv Court ruled that children may demand damages from their father for physical and mental suffering due to neglect. The court ruled pertaining to a case brought by three siblings, in their 30s, against their father who placed them in government institutions as toddlers, after their mother committed suicide.

The case has been pending for 10 years and the court now ruled the father is responsible for suffering endured by the three children. According to one son, now 32, he was beaten and abused and did not see his siblings for eight years.

Sara Netanyahu Erupts During TV Interview

The wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Sara, threatened to stop a videotaped television interview scheduled for Sunday when the interviewer started asking about her husband's admitted extramarital affairs, Reuters reported.

The taping of the interview stopped for 30 minutes after Mrs. Netanyahu objected to the questions being asked. Witnesses told Yediot Ahronot that she became angry 20 minutes into the interview when asked if she tried to block the appointment of a woman cabinet minister on suspicion she was romantically involved with the prime minister.

"That's an unfair question," Mrs. Netanyahu said. Her anger grew after a question about what is known in Israel as "the videotape affair" -- Netanyahu's admission of adultery before becoming prime minister.

"I am not prepared to continue like this...I want everything erased and start (the interview) again," Yediot quoted Mrs. Netanyahu, the prime minister's third wife, as saying.

Since he took office in May 1996, she has been a central figure in reports about her alleged domineering behavior toward underlings ranging from her children's nannies to her husband's aides.

"If you want me to say that whoever cheats is scum, I'll say it: whoever cheats is scum," Mrs. Netanyahu was quoted as saying. But she added, "What do you want from my husband? You know how many times people tried to make a pass at me, and how many of them are in the Knesset?"

Yediot also quoted Mrs. Netanyahu as saying her predecessor, Sonia Peres, wife of former Prime Minister Shimon Peres, "washes dishes and plays cards -- (but) that doesn't mean I also have to do that. I am educated."

The director-general of the Israel Broadcasting Authority, Mordechai Kirschenbaum, defended a decision to retape. He said it was not a news program but an interview show and the television had to respect the wishes of the interviewee.

Secret Meeting in Eilat

An unprecedented secret meeting of defense experts and scientists took place last week in Eilat. Convened by the U.S Defense Department in the southern Israeli port and beach resort of Eilat, the meeting was called to discuss the "state of things to come" in missile warfare. Representatives of the Israel Air Force, Navy defense establishment and the CIA were present.

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