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>Israel Faxx
>JN June 18, 1997, Vol. 5, No. 109

Jews Put in Swiss Forced Labor Camps

FBI director J. Edgar Hoover warned the State Department in 1942 the Swiss were putting male Jewish refugees into forced labor camps, a secret memorandum obtained by the World Jewish Congress said.

In the memo dated May 15, 1942, Hoover said secret informants told him that the position of the refugees was becoming "more and more difficult" and that Swiss Jewish organizations lacked the funds to support them. The Swiss made Jewish groups pay for the upkeep of Jewish refugees during the war, while the government paid for the upkeep of other groups.

Gaza & Hebron - Hotbeds

By SNS News Service

According to senior IDF and other security officials, the situation since Saturday in Gaza and Hebron cannot continue. Each day, the violence escalates. In Hebron, Tuesday, more than 12 Arabs were injured, two seriously. One of the seriously injured is a 12-year-old Arab demonstrator who was hit in his head with a rubber bullet. He is reported in critical condition in a Hebron hospital following surgery.

Senior IDF officials pointed out that tens of firebombs were thrown at soldiers, as well as at least one home-made explosive device. IDF officers are in the front line to ensure orders to exercise restraint are carried out and the shooting of even rubber bullets is used only when no other alternative is available.

Senior IDF officials point out the soldiers are under constant attack and have used only minimal force to disperse violent Arab mobs.

In Gaza, the Arab protesters continue to move their protest tents closer and closer to the Jewish community. Some residents feel when they get close enough, they will attempt to wipe out the relatively small Jewish community. The IDF is maintaining a high presence but as in Hebron, the situation continues to worsen.

Senior government officials have already stated they are well aware the recent wave of violence was ordered by PA Chief Arafat and the prime minister stated it will not succeed in pushing Israel into concessions, based on fears of increased violence.

Some officials have stated they fear if the 12-year-old injured in Hebron dies of his wounds, the situation will deteriorate dramatically. Originally, PA officials reported the boy died but later reports from the hospital proved that too, to be a lie.

Iran Test Fires Cruise Missile

By Nick Simeone (VOA-Pentagon)

US Defense Secretary William Cohen says Iran has successfully test- test-fired an air-launched Cruise missile in the Gulf. Iran already has land-based and sea-launched cruise missiles.

US defense officials are calling the latest test another step by Iran to expand its military capabilities and intimidate its neighbors.

At least twice this month, defense officials say, Iran fired a Chinese-made Cruise missile from an F4 aircraft and hit a target -- a barge marked with reflectors in the Gulf. Defense Department spokesman Mike Doubleday says the United States is closely monitoring what he calls another step by Iran's military to expand its capabilities.

Turkish Naval Stop in Israel

By SNS News Service

Turkish sailors have been given an opportunity to visit holy sites in Jerusalem and Nazareth, as relations between the two countries continue to improve.

The Turkish naval vessels have docked in Israel for the first time, in the northern port of Haifa. They will remain until Friday. The visit, together with planned joint military exercises scheduled in the future, has been the cause of alarm for many Arab neighbors, who fear the relations between Israel and Turkey may be moving ahead too quickly.

Shaul Eisenberg Estate

By SNS News Service

The battle among family members of the late Shaul Eisenberg continues in the Israeli courts. The family is fighting over the estate, estimated to be worth $1.2 billion. The money from the shipping and chemical empires, built by Eisenberg during his lifetime.

Leah Eisenberg and five daughters are fighting the family's only son, Erwin. The dispute revolves around a 1986 will which leaves 80% of the estate to Erwin. The two sides have exchanged accusations of break-ins and other criminal activity, not excluding illegal stock transfers and the like.

Eisenberg left to his family Israel Corp., a huge holding company with interests throughout Israel, Europe, central Asia and elsewhere. He also left controlling interests in the Israel Chemicals Ltd. conglomerate and in Zim Navigation, Israel's biggest shipping company.

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