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>Israel Faxx
>JN June 2, 1997, Vol. 5, No. #99

New Documents Found on Nazi Looting of Jews

Billions of dollars of looted Jewish assets were acquired during World War 2 by the neutral nations of Europe and by countries under Nazi occupation, according to documents to be released today. The documents, to be released at a meeting of the Jewish group negotiating the return of Holocaust-era assets, break new ground on the extent of Nazi theft in such countries as the Netherlands, Belgium and France, sources said.

Palestinians Arrested in Third Land Sale Murder

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem) and Arutz-7 News

Israel has arrested six Palestinians who allegedly, under orders from a senior Palestinian security officer, kidnapped another Palestinian involved in selling Arab-owned land to Jews.

Acting on a tip, the Israeli police chased and stopped two cars Saturday night in which they found four Palestinian security agents and two other men who allegedly had just abducted the land dealer.

The dealer, As'ad Rajabi, had worked with another land dealer, Ali Mahmud Araf Jamhur, 32, an Israeli citizen living in Shuafat, Jerusalem, who was found dead Saturday night. Jamhur was the third such victim in as many weeks and reports say he had been threatened by the Palestinian police.

The Israeli police say they have identified a senior Palestinian security officer who is behind the killings, but they have not named him.

In early May, the Palestinian Justice Minister, Freih abu Medein, apparently triggered the series of killings, when he said Palestinians who sell land to Jews deserve the death penalty. On Sunday, abu Medein denied that the Palestinian Authority is responsible for the killings, and blamed Israeli intelligence instead.

Israeli Minister of Public Security Avigdor Kahalani said Sunday there is no doubt that Yasir Arafat gave the order to kill Jamhur, and he ordered an intense police investigation into the murder. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated the killing poses a great question mark as to the intentions of the PA to attain a peace agreement with Israel.

Jamhur sold a house in Abu Tor to Elad six months ago. The original owners published a notice in the Arab press, saying they did not know that Jamhur dealt with Jews. Last week, Jamhur received a phone call at his place of employment in a restaurant in Clal Center in Jerusalem, telling him to appear for interrogation at the Palestinian GSS in Ramallah. He was released after two days, and he told his family that his interrogators told him there was no evidence against him. Saturday, he left his home at 10 a.m., and his body was found four hours later outside of Ramallah.

Evyatar Cohen, of the Elad group, told Arutz-7 that the Arabs of eastern Jerusalem are fearful for their lives, because "even if you're only suspected of dealings with Jews, you can be taken to the Palestinian GSS offices, and brutally beaten up, and likely killed a few days or hours later." He blamed Israel for not doing anything to stop the killings.

He said, "[PA official] abu Medein recently said that even Israeli Arabs will be killed if they sell land to Jews. If I were to announce over the radio that certain people should be killed, I would find myself behind bars within an hour. So why should abu Medein, and many other PA officials, be any different? If they again act like terrorists, they should be treated as such. And if Israel cannot act against them officially, then there are unofficial ways to deal with them, as was done with Abu Jihad."

Syria Willing to Talk Without Withdrawal

A report in Maariv Sunday states that Syria no longer demands a total withdrawal from the Golan Heights as a precondition for the renewal of talks. The Syrians indicated as much in a secret letter to Jerusalem which was delivered by the Russian Ambassador in Israel. Diplomatic sources expressed satisfaction at the development.

Iran's New President on Israel

Iran's president-elect Mohammed Khatami called Israel an "occupying and racist regime" which he said had "imposed its illegitimate domination on the people of Palestine, whether Muslims, Palestinians, Jews or Christians."

According to a report appearing in the Jerusalem Post, Germany's chief of counter- terrorism Peter Frisch stated Iran already has ballistic missiles that can penetrate deep into Europe. In addition, Iran is working diligently to develop its nuclear armaments. "They are getting missiles that can reach 1,800 miles, and they can reach not only Israel, but Germany," said Frisch, president of the Cologne-based Office for the Protection of the Constitution. "If they can build atomic bombs and put them in their missiles, this is dangerous for us."

In Their Own Words

"Despite all the conspiracies, Jerusalem and Palestine from the River to the Sea will remain Islamic until judgment day...." Ikrama Sabri, Palestinian Authority mufti for Jerusalem, in his weekly sermon at the Temple Mount's Al-Aksa Mosque. Reference is to the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, an area including all of the State of Israel. (Voice of Palestine Radio, 9 May 1997)

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