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>Israel Faxx
>JN April 21, 1997, Vol. 5, Number 71

Netanyahu Won't be Indicted, But New Elections are Possible

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Shortly after Israel's attorney general announced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would not be indicted, Netanyahu went on national television to charge his accusers with having political motives and to say the prosecutor's report proves he did nothing wrong. Netanyahu said he made some mistakes, but did not commit any crime.

The prime minister charged that people who do not like him tried to undermine the legitimacy of his government, and failed. He was particularly harsh on the government-run television station, which first broke the influence peddling story three months ago. Netanyahu said he will make any necessary improvements to the operations of his government, but aside from that he declared this affair over.

Analysts say that is not likely. The Supreme Court is expected to be asked to rule on the attorney general's decision. And key members of the ruling coalition must now decide whether the report issued Sunday contains enough criticism of Netanyahu to justify a parliamentary vote of no-confidence, and new elections.

The attorney general's report refers to a "black box" of missing information about the prime minister's role in alleged efforts to get lenient treatment for one of his political allies, who is on trial for corruption.

Argentina Investigates Past as Nazi Haven

Argentina is setting up a commission to investigate its role as a haven for Nazi war criminals, including reports that gold stolen from Holocaust victims was hidden in the country, the government said. The commission of Argentine and foreign experts will have one year to carry out its investigations and create a final report. Recently declassified U.S. wartime documents estimate that the Nazis secretly sent more than $1 billion to be invested in Argentina one month before the war ended.

Pesach on the Internet

Virtual Jerusalem announced the official launch of its Passover WWW extravaganza. Accessible at, the Passover page is the world's one-stop headquarters for the holiday. Visitors who would like to experience a comprehensive and interactive Passover adventure can visit the site for features and editorials spanning the entire Passover experience.

The Passover site at Virtual Jerusalem uses the multimedia capabilities of the Internet including graphics, sound, video, animation, Java and links to other pages in presenting this significant holiday.

Virtual Jerusalem's "Passover Central" offers Virtual Email Greeting Cards, a how-to matzah baking video and a worldwide Passover host locator to find a place for the traditional Seder. The Virtual Jerusalem online Passover Educator's Guide features Kotel Kam for viewing the bi-annual Priests Blessing at the Western Wall.

Virtual Jerusalem is also the center for Passover holiday shopping. The newly released Amazing Family Album CD-ROM brings the exodus from Egypt to life and the Interactive Haggadah is an educational CD-ROM that will keep the entire family captivated with hundreds of animations, music, humor and surprises.

Virtual Jerusalem, Ltd. is the Internet's largest source for Jewish and Israel related content. With information updated around the clock and new content added daily, the site includes daily news and analysis direct from Israel and its client newspapers, wire services and radio stations.

IDF on Alert for Terrorist Attacks

Israelis are busy preparing for the start of the seven day Pesach holiday which starts Monday evening and is celebrated for eight days outside of Israel.

Security forces are on high alert nationwide following intelligence reports indicating Arab terrorists will try to carry out terror attacks against Israeli security forces, Jewish residents of the West Bank and Gaza, and against those in the rest of Israel. Increased manpower has been deployed to so-called "sensitive" areas. The IDF has resumed "Operation Bi'ur Hametz," a plan that was abandoned about a year ago which entails entering mosques and other suspected areas of incitement and anti-Israel terror activity.

According to reports released from major supermarket chains, Saturday night's pre-Pesach shopping represented about 10 times the normal Saturday night shopping, nationwide. The supermarkets report about NIS 3 billion, or about $882 million, in revenues from this year's Passover shopping. The average Passover basket for a family is reported to be a minimum of 800 Sheqels (about $234).

Seders for Hundreds Around the World

Chabad emissaries are preparing to conduct Passover seders for thousands of Jewish hikers and tourists in far corners of the world. Seders designed for hundreds of Jews each will take place in Katmandu, Peru, Alaska, and Thailand and Cincinnati.

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