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>Israel Faxx
>JN April 11, 1997, Vol. 5, Number 65

Clashes Continue in Hebron

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

With a senior Palestinian delegation holding talks in Washington, Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli troops clashed in Hebron again Thursday. But the clashes were not as serious as earlier in the week, partly due to the efforts of the Palestinian police. Meanwhile, Israeli and Palestinian officials continued to express sharply different views of the situation.

Israeli troops in Hebron announced over loudspeakers they would not shoot to enable Palestinian police to try to control the crowd of demonstrators. But some protesters broke through the police lines and the Israelis fired rubber bullets, injuring several people before the crowd dispersed.

Meanwhile, the Israeli defense minister leveled some tough talk at the Palestinian Authority, saying Israel could reoccupy the autonomous cities if it wanted to. Palestinian legislator Marwan Barghouti says that is exactly the kind of talk that makes Palestinians angry. "Netanyahu asked the chief of army in Israel to...plan how to return (land) back to the Authority. So he started to work like he will start a war. And if they want to deal with us (as) under occupation, we have to deal with them (as) people under occupation. And we have (the) right to resist."

Barghouti, a senior official of the "Fatah" party, says Palestinians are starting to lose hope in the peace process, and he warns that this could mean more violence ahead.

Report Says U.S. Let Nazis Move Gold Via New York

The United States allowed Nazi Germany to transfer stolen gold worth $20 million through New York to Argentina during World War 2 before clamping down on the practice, a German weekly said. Die Woche said documents also showed Swiss banks transferred $128 million to their branches in New York in the first eight months of the war.

Some of this belonged to Jewish refugees fleeing the Third Reich and some was from Nazi sources. The U.S. froze assets moved from Germany, Switzerland and Nazi-occupied Europe on June 14, 1941.

Nazi Prison Guard Loses U.S. Citizenship

By Michael Leland (VOA-Chicago)

A federal judge in Chicago has revoked the US citizenship of a suburban Chicago man the government says was a guard at a Nazi prison camp during World War 2. The government says the man lied about his wartime activities when he applied for a visa in 1950.

Retired machinist Bronislaw Hajda, 73, says he was imprisoned by the Germans and forced to work as a cook in a prison camp during the war, but federal Judge David Coar says Hajda unquestionably participated in a massacre at the Treblinka death camp in July 1944.

Prosecutors say Hajda was a member of the Nazi-trained "Trawniki Men," who helped kill 1.7 million Polish Jews. They based their case on 50-year old German records identifying Hajda by his hometown, date of birth and number designating him as a member of the Trawniki Men. Hajda testified during his trial last month that he is a victim of mistaken identity. He says he was arrested while on a train to Warsaw and held captive by the Germans for 3.5 years. He denies killing anyone.

The US attorney's office says it will seek to have Hajda deported. Hajda's attorney says he will appeal the judge's ruling.

Muslims Upset About Nike Logo

By Anne Boozell (VOA-Washington)

A Muslim American group is demanding that an American company that makes athletic shoes, Nike, Inc., stop using a logo on its shoes which resembles the word Allah in Arabic.

The logo is on a line of shoes with names like Air Bakin, Air Melt, and Air B Que, which Nike plans to start marketing this summer.

The company says the logo is meant to look like flames. It has already modified the design once in response to complaints from Muslims. But Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American Islamic Relations says the logo is still offensive, and his group wants some action.

"First, they need to deal with the original design which even they admit resembles the word 'Allah.' They have never really apologized for this to the Muslim community and they never admitted that it has been sold on the open market."

Nike spokesman Jim Small says the company is satisfied that its modified design no longer resembles the word Allah in Arabic script. "Before we went into production we checked this with our offices in the Middle East to have them look at it, at the new design and they told us that unequivocally that it was fine and it reads 'Air.'"

Small says the company regrets any misunderstanding.

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