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>Israel Faxx
>JN Feb. 24, 1997, Vol. 5, Number 31

Non-Conventional Terror Warning

Israel's chief anti-terrorism advisor says Israel is preparing for the possibility of nuclear or chemical terrorism. According to Major-General Meir Dagan, the collapse of the former USSR has made weapons of mass destruction and their technology easier to obtain. Dagan says the Soviet collapse "could lead to states supporting terrorism, (such as Iran), to giving the terrorists non-conventional weapons."

Netanyahu Outlines His View of Peace

By Al Pessin (VOA-Jerusalem)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has outlined his view of the next and final stage of the peace process with the Palestinians, scheduled to begin next month. The prime minister offered his views after a meeting with Jordan's King Hussein in Amman.

The two men indicated they had disagreed on some issues, including Israeli plans to build new neighborhoods in east Jerusalem. Netanyahu says he believes the Palestinian Authority can reach agreement on a final peace settlement, in talks starting next month, despite of sharp disagreements on the sensitive issues involved, including the future of Jerusalem and Palestinian statehood. Without going into detail, Netanyahu laid out three principles for the coming talks.

"I am not saying that this is easy. I am saying it is possible. I believe it. If we follow these three principles of reciprocity, non-violence and realistic expectations on both sides, we shall achieve a historic breakthrough."

Netanyahu made his declaration with King Hussein sitting by his side. The king played a key role in helping Israel and the Palestinians conclude last month's Hebron agreement.

The two men pledged to continue working together for peace, but also acknowledged disagreements about some key issues -- most important among them, Israeli plans to build new neighborhoods in east Jerusalem.

Mubarak and Assad Coordinate Efforts

By Laurie Kassman (VOA-Cairo)

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak met with Syrian leader Hafez al Assad this weekend to discuss the status of Syria's stalled peace talks with Israel. The meeting comes before Mubarak's trip March 10 to Washington and just after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's meetings with President Clinton.

Assad has never wavered from his public position -- insisting on the full return of the Golan Heights in exchange for peaceful relations. Netanyahu rejects the concept of land for peace and wants to resume negotiations without preconditions.

Syria argues that position is a precondition because the 1991 Madrid conference that launched the peace process is based on the land-for-peace principle.

Syria is adamant about regaining the strategic 1,250 square kilometers of border area Israel seized in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. The previous Israeli government appeared more willing to relinquish most of the Golan Heights in exchange for full diplomatic and economic relations.

The issue of returning the Heights has become more sensitive for Israel amid growing concern about the future of Syria's political leadership. The 66-year-old Syrian leader recently underwent a prostate operation and has been reported in failing health for years.

PLO to Join British Commonwealth?

The PLO is exploring the prospect of the autonomous territory it controls joining the Commonwealth, London's Guardian newspaper reported. The report quoted diplomatic sources as saying 'Palestine' would like to take its place among the 51 sovereign states that are, or were at some time, ruled by Britain.

The PLO's "ambassador" in London, Afif Safieh, held talks with Commonwealth secretary-general Chief Emeka Anyaoku, and was told future membership was possible. Anyaoku reportedly told Safieh that the question of "Palestine not being an independent state was not a bar to any discussion of the [membership] issue until independence or sovereignty comes about."

Is Tenenbaum an Israeli Spy?

According to the Detroit Free Press, David Tenenbaum, an American Jewish engineer, transferred confidential information to Israeli liaison officers posted in the US, Ha'Aretz reported.

Tenenbaum is employed at the Tank Automotive Research and Development Engineering Center of the US's Army Tank and Armaments Command, in Warren, Mich. An FBI spokesman in Detroit said a "search warrant has been executed" by the bureau of Tenenbaum's home in suburban Southfield. He emphasized, though, that "no arrests have been made."
Tenenbaum's attorney denies the charges leveled against his client, and that the report, which was a fabrication, has done irreparable damage to his client's career and he hopes to show that all allegations leveled against him are untrue.

According to Ha'Aretz, American officials have not made any contact with Israel regarding the situation.

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